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    A summoned Larva servant to Ellis.

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    Where you meet Borgnine:

    You meet Borgnine in the Prologue at level 1
    A Larva, is a beast that forms a body with the power of a high elf. Normally only existing in a spiritual form, if the power is concentrated, it may form it's own body. Though, the looks and abilities depend on the situation and the thoughts revolving around the time the Larva is summoned. No two Larva will ever be the same.
    Because of Borgnine's looks, Leonhardt thought the was a monster, and attacked him. Ellis stops the fight, but even when Leonhardt apoligised for his actions, Borgnine seemed unconcerned about the entire thing.
    He follow's Ellis like her shadow and won't hesitate to risk his life to protect her, though he won't help anyone else unless Ellis tells him to do so. This can be problomatic for people but his allegiance and loyalty is to Ellis and Ellis alone. Thus the servant and master relationship.
    When the Larva get's to interact with Leonhardt and his children he manages to gain a heart, something that beast's like he usually can't achieve.

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