So I just finished the game

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Bought it today ,  took me acording to steam 3.2 hours ... not to long but if I must say it is quite a ride and because of the humble thing it came out very cheap , I highly recomend it , also check out the QL it is a good indication of how the game developes also has one nice soundtrack , also some of the puzzles takes some thinking , but not mind bending so you wont be stuck , also you do get a map , its a bit hard to read though ,  but to the duders that has played how many cards did you missed?  I missed 7 .. darn it :/

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I found the game irresistibly endearing and serenely placid. It's not much of a game, though, and I still feel that Machinarium is still their greatest accomplishment, to date. Just play the game and support the developers.

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I just bought it a bit ago...I think im going to have a bit longer play time. I'm kinda stuck trying to get all the birds. I just have 3 left but I am sorta lost now :[


Ok, scratch that. I only have ONE left. The one in the Asian looking room. Hmm

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I'm stuck at the room with the floating balls. I jumped on a ball and now all I can do is switch between 3 of them. what do?

edit: figured it out and finished the game. I don't know how many cards I missed, but I think I got 111 in total.

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I'm also stuck at the room with the floating balls. Any advice?

EDIT: Nevermind, was focusing on the wrong thing.

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I just finished it and I must say I absolutely loved it. I can't remember the last time I laughed at so much silliness in a video game. GOTY sound design right there.
I got 113/123 cards. I'll probably replay it at some point and try to find them all.

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Just finished it too - that really was a very relaxing way to spend a few hours :D

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Only 107/123, but this game was really enjoyable and I'll definitely replay it again to find the rest. Surprisingly great game.

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90 something/123. Liked like quite a bit. My favorite part was the moments when something contradicted the charming cutesy vibe, particularly when the puppet theatre shows them knifing the spider. Not as good as Machinarium, but nonetheless a solid entry. Machinarium had this tinny, city-like vibe to it that is completely opposite to Botanicula. I think the story and emotional aspect that came with Machinarium's length made it a better game. Though it might have also been a matter of when it was released. Machinarium was such a breath of fresh air when it came out. Botanicula was simpler and easier to play but not as fun compared to Machinarium's puzzle. Not sure which soundtrack I prefer...

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Really enjoying it. Loved Machinarium

Very uplifting

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I LOVE this game. More people should play it. There was times that I had to stand back in my chair and just admire the damn thing. So good.

Edit: 120/123 dammit. Where did I miss those 3?

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just finished it. 113/123 kind of surprised because i feel like i clicked the shit out of every environment. great game i didnt expect it to end so suddenly at the end there. i was wanting to play more! not sure if i will go back and find those other cards.

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Love this game. It's impossible not to.

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