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Here is a brief overview of the star missions the player will encounter in this galaxy:

  • Rock and Rollodillo  

From the beginning of this mission, Mario must first obtain a trapped Rock Mario powerup by defeating the surrounding enemies. This will allow Mario to transform into a powerful boulder, allowing him to knock down a nearby bridge. Once traversing the bridge, there will be an array of enemies that need to be defeated to allow Mario to use the Launch Star there.
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If the player continues on to the end of the level, they will eventually have to face off with the boss, Rollodillo. He is an armadillo-like creature that rolls around and attempts to squash Mario; Rollodillo will momentarily stop after each attack, giving Mario a chance to fight back. After defeating the boss, Mario will receive a star!

  • Rolling Crabber Romp   

This is a short timed mission in which Mario has 60 seconds to use his Rock Mario power to roll around a small planet and squash an array of crab-like enemies. Simply complete this task and get your star!

  • C'mere, Goomba  

This level progresses identically to "Rock and Rollodillo" for the first half. However, near the end of the level, Mario needs to speak with a small gilded man who claims to have a star and is willing to trade it for a Goomba. To accomplish this, Mario must lure a Goomba to the creature who will then give up the star.

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