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    Boulder City

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    A location in Fallout: New Vegas. During the First Battle of Hoover Dam, NCR Rangers booby-trapped the city with explosives and lured Legion troops into it, effectively decimating their forces.

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    Honoring the Fallen

    During the Battle of Hoover Dam, the NCR managed to defeat Caesar's Legion after blowing up much of Boulder City with the Legion forces inside. A monument stands in Boulder City with an extensive list of the names of NCR men and women who lost their lives on that day. The names are as followed: 

    Privates (including First Class & Second Class)

    Casualties: 83 
    • Private Sandra Abbot
    • Private Julie Ador
    • Private First Class Martin Addie
    • Private Erik Allsop
    • Private Second Class Hugh Althouse
    • Private First Class Melissa Bai
    • Private Daneria Becenti
    • Private Second Class Eve Barnat
    • Private Paulina Biscardi
    • Private Julio Blatner
    • Private Jimmy Borges
    • Private First Class Christopher Boulanger
    • Private Robin Bunt
    • Private Second Class Penelope Carwell
    • Private First Class May Chang
    • Private First Class Patrick Chang
    • Private Paige Christiansen
    • Private Second Class Gregory Clark
    • Private Nelson Coderre
    • Private Tyrone Cutchin
    • Private Jameson Daluz
    • Private First Class Ralph Davies
    • Private Curtis Debord
    • Private Clinton Decola
    • Private Veronika Delongis
    • Private First Class Robert Dhatri
    • Private First Class Rachel Dumont
    • Private Second Class Nell Embrey
    • Private Frida Esperanza
    • Private Second Class Darren Espey
    • Private Second Class Naja Essa
    • Private First Class Richard Farnsworth
    • Private Second Class Ophelia Flarentino
    • Private Second Class Kelly Floor
    • Private Ariel Frieman
    • Private Second Class Kurt Fanston
    • Private Mark Glasper
    • Private Second Class Max Gookoour
    • Private Debera Guldour
    • Private First Class Lance Han
    • Private Johnathan Hannaford
    • Private Peter Hayes
    • Private Randolph Hincks
    • Private Maxwell Hocutt
    • Private Brian Hoey
    • Private Lauren Houtchens
    • Private Jeffrey Hui
    • Private First Class Whitney Jacobs
    • Private First Class Randall Jones
    • Private First Class David Kowalski
    • Private First Class Elmer Kronmueller
    • Private Guy Leppert
    • Private Second Class Christian Lesser
    • Private Francis Lipsett
    • Private Maya McElderry
    • Private Second Class Matthew Merzer
    • Private Pete Mery
    • Private Hazel Meyers
    • Private Second Class Billy Montalvo, Sr.
    • Private Carol Monrero
    • Private Glona Morningstar
    • Private Second Class Shari Nassar
    • Private Darryl Norred
    • Private First Class Stephen Park
    • Private First Class Polly Vermeulen
    • Private Jonathon Voknam
    • Private First Class Patrice Quinn
    • Private First Class Paul Quon
    • Private First Class Tracy Quon
    • Private Brandon Rayor
    • Private Cesar Renolds
    • Private Eric Robards
    • Private First Class Vishal St. James
    • Private Second Class Amin Samaha
    • Private First Class Lawrence Storey, Jr.
    • Private First Class Raheed Thompson
    • Private Second Class Ashley Townson
    • Private Lonnie Wardlaw
    • Private First Class Roger Westin III
    • Private Second Class Cody Winborne
    • Private First Class Joseph Wolf
    • Private First Class Timothy Zheng
    • Private First Class Bradley Zhong


    Casualties: 10 

    • Corporal Satnam Bedi
    • Corporal Phillip Burton
    • Corporal Tina Chan
    • Corporal Marcus Christensen
    • Corporal Richard Falk
    • Corporal Franklin Godfrey
    • Corporal Autumn Jameson
    • Corporal Hector Lopez
    • Corporal Mark (?)
    • Corporal Frederick Wilson

    Sergeants (including Staff & Master) 

    Casualties: 6 
    • Sergeant Peter Hernandez, Jr.
    • Master Sergeant Thomas Li
    • Sergeant Sean Ngo
    • Sergeant Dan Tran
    • Staff Sergeant Reggie Wilcox
    • Sergeant Margaret Wang    


    Casualties: 5 
    • Ranger Michael Chen
    • Ranger Jackson Kreger
    • Ranger Teresa Lutz
    • Ranger Stephen Raleigh
    • Ranger Emily Waters

    Total Casualties: 104


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