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    Bowerstone is the largest settlement in Albion.

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    Bowerstone is one of the most populous locations in all of Albion, if not the most populous. It is the only town to appear in every game of the Fable series and it's the hometown of the player in Fable II.


    One of the first villages to be rebuilt after the fall of the Old Kingdom, Bowerstone found itself under the protection of the Hero's Guild. As a result, the town thrived from its strong protectors. That is not to say that Bowerstone has never been threatened, however. One noteworthy incident detailed in Fable lore speaks of an evil wizard who created a portal in an attempt to destroy it, only to be stopped by one of the mages from the Guild, Solcius.


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    Located just a bit to the north of the Hero's Guild, Bowerstone is the first town the player will have access to after leaving the Guild's confines. The player's weapons are confiscated as they enter Bowerstone, and spell casting is disabled.

    Bowerstone in Fable is divided into four sections:

    • Bowerstone South: The main part of Bowerstone, often referred to as 'slums'.
    • Bowerstone Quay: Consisting of Bowerstone's only harbor, and the chosen fighting ground for the local fist fighting gang.
    • Bowerstone North: Inaccessible to the player until after beating the Arena at Knothole, this is where the rich reside. Also home to the Mayor, Lady Elvira Grey.
    • Bowerstone Jail: A temporary jail cell located on the outskirts of Bowerstone North.

    Fable II

    The hometown of the main character, Bowerstone has expanded a great deal in the centuries after the last game. The city changes extensively depending on the player's choices in the prologue, either becoming a prosperous city or a crime-filled slum. The city's Mayor is now Lord Lucien.

    Once again, Bowerstone is divided into four sections:

    • Bowerstone Market: The hub of the entire city, and where most of its inhabitants live and do business.
    • Old Town: The location of Fable II's prologue, and the location most affected by the decisions made. The starting location for the prologue.
    • Fairfax Gardens: A more exclusive neighborhood for the well-off, also the location of Lucien's castle.
    • Bowerstone Cemetery: Where the dead are laid to rest.

    Fable III

    Bowerstone has undergone a technological upheaval in the time after the last game, now looking more like a city from the Industrial Revolution. King Logan rules over Bowerstone in this game.

    Like both the games that came before it, Bowerstone is split in four areas.

    • Bowerstone Market: Similar to the location of the same name from the previous game (and still a center of commerce), the Market is much more crowded and populated now.
    • Bowerstone Industrial: An industrial zone more or less run by Reaver, the denizens who work and live there do so in abysmal conditions.
    • Bowerstone Old Quarter: A sort of middle ground between the well-off of the Market and the destitute of the Industrial.
    • Bowerstone Castle: Originally Castle Fairfax from Fable II and now much larger than previously seen. The resting place for the Hero of the previous game, and where the game starts.

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