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Bowie is the main character of Shining Force II. He can be named anything at the beginning of the game with Bowie being the default if the entry box is left blank. Bowie is chosen to be the one to lead the charge against the Devil army, and eventually bring peace to the world. He generally never talks, but there are a few exceptions in the game.

Character Strengths and Weaknesses

Bowie has superior stats when compared to the average member of the Shining Force, boasting strong defense, hit point growth and attack. This, however, is a necessity due to the fact that if Bowie is defeated in combat, the player loses the game. Bowie also has access to two spells. The first spell and the only one available pre-promotion is the spell Egress which allows the party to escape battle. With this ability, the player is able to reset the battle and keep all experience gained up to that point as well as use it for the more obvious use of escaping a battle if the tide has turned against the Shining Force. Post-promotion, Bowie learns the powerful Bolt spell which adds a way of dealing both area of effect and ranged damage to his already strong melee ability.


Pre-Promotion: Swordsman (SDMN)

Post-Promotion: Hero (HERO)


  • Egress
  • Bolt

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