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    Bowling Alley

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    A bowling alley is a place with one or more lanes dedicated to bowling, the sport where you try to roll a ball down a lane to hit as many of the 10 pins as possible. May or may not have funky shoes.

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    A bowling alley is where you go to bowl. The lanes can be either synthetic or wood. You throw bowling balls down them. A thin or thick layer of oil is put on the lanes. That is to protect the lane from the ball and also provide a bit of challenge for the bowler.



    Wood lanes are in a way becoming extinct in the bowling world. They are being replaced by a more durable and reliable synthetic surface. That is because wood gets beaten up pretty bad when bowled on. So bowling centers will have to close down for a while and resurface the lanes.Though wood was the start of bowling, it was the first type of lane used. It is also the hardest. Wood lanes create more friction. This is because the ball's surface is right in contact with the wood lane. This increased friction greatly. So when playing this kind of lane you'll want to play deep and play a big hook. You could use less hand (revs) and a stronger ball and play straight. Or you could use a good about of hand and use a less aggressive bowling ball.


    Synthetic lanes are becoming the main type of lane today. They have a thin coat over them to protect it from the ball hitting that lane. Because of that coat the friction between the lane and the ball is greatly reduces. Have a big hooking ball is probably best for this. I will allow you to play a more hook, but the reaction will be less then on wood. Most players will play around the third arrow on these kind of lanes.


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