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Bowyer is the second boss to hold a star piece, and one of the members of the Smithy Gang.  He has been shooting Aeros (living arrows) onto the unsuspecting citizens of Rose Town, freezing them in place.  Bowyer is very obsessed with plastering many areas with arrows, as shown by his crazy face, and speaks with parts of a normal sentence switched around.  He also doesn't like being outnumbered, and will do something to counterbalance that.  He is found inside the Forest Maze.

He attacks by shooting arrows at party members that cause damage, or also put them to sleep, uses magic spells that attack all party members or one at a time.  However, the mainstay of this battle is Bowyer's ability to disable the player's Special, Item, or Basic attacks.  Bowyer shoots an arrow up into the air, and it will fall onto either the Y, X or A button, which will disable that button and prevent the player from using the command associated with that button.  However, Bowyer can only leave one command button disabled at a time.  Still, the fight is very easy if the player is well prepared and knows how to use Timed attacks and guards.

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