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    Boxing Legends of the Ring

    Game » consists of 6 releases. Released September 1993

    Compete as some of the greatest legends in boxing history in this 16-bit boxing game.

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    Boxing Legends of the Ring, also known as Chavez II (Mexico) and Final Knockout (Japan) is a boxing game released on the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis platforms. The game includes a license from The Ring, a famous boxing magazine, and features many famous middleweight boxers as well as an option for the player to create their own boxer.

    The game was released in the US and PAL territories as Boxing Legends of the Ring, a title that subtly implies the involvement of The Ring magazine. The game was later re-released in Mexico with the title Chavez II, with a Spanish localization. In Japan the game was published as Final Knockout by Pack-in-Video.


    Boxing Legends of the Ring uses an over the shoulder perspective for the boxing action. There are multiple punch types that can be thrown in an effort to knock the opponent to the mat.

    Game Modes

    Boxing Legends of the Ring features three different gameplay modes that can be chosen:

    • Exhibition
    • Career
    • Battle of the Legends


    The game features various famous middleweight boxers that the player can fight as, and against, in the Exhibition and Battle of the Legends mode. They include:

    • Sugar Ray Leonard
    • Roberto Duran
    • Thomas Hearns
    • Marvin Hagler
    • Sugar Ray Robinson
    • James Toney
    • Rocky Graziano
    • Jake "Raging Bull" LaMotta

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