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    Boyd Cooper

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    Boyd Cooper, or "The Milkman," is a mentally troubled security guard who appears in the game Psychonauts. His mind is one of the many that Razputin must explore to halt an evil plot.

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    Boyd Cooper is an out of work security guard with a taste for Molotov cocktails and conspiracy theories.  When Raz first finds Boyd Cooper, he is outside of Thorney Towers muttering to himself about "The Milkman".  Raz ends up in his mind, in a level called "The Milkman Conspiracy".  Boyd has clearly gone insane piecing together random bits of information from newspaper clippings.  Boyd's mind is twisted and filled with government spies searching for the milkman.  The government spies are easily fooled with simple props, and finding props is the main way to advance through Boyd's mind.  Raz eventually finds himself at the home of the Rainbow Squirts, whose sole duty is to protect the milkman.  Raz goes inside the home and finds the milkman hibernating in a glass case below the house.  The identity of the milkman is revealed to be Boyd Cooper dressed as a milkman.  The milkman wakes and floats up towards the surface while the Den Mother (leader of the Rainbow Squirts) says "...and the sea shall run white with his... rage!"  On the surface, the government spies and mind censors arrive outside the house by the hundreds.  The milkman greets them by saying "I am the milkman.  My milk is delicious.  Special delivery today!" as he hurles Molotov cocktails in the form of milk bottles into the government spies and mind censors.  As this happens, Raz is pulled back into reality to be a part of the conversation below.

    The Milkman Conspiracy
    The Milkman Conspiracy

    Boyd: "I am the milkman, my milk is delicious."
    Raz: "Boyd?  Are you okay?"
    Boyd: "Time for the final delivery to this address."
    (Boyd picks up some milk bottles)
    Raz: "Hey, is that milk regular kind or the exploding dream kind?"
    Boyd: "It's fortified with what the world wants.  What the world deserves."
    Raz: "Are you sure that you don't want to just... talk about this Boyd?"

    At this point the cutscene ends and below is what happens during gameplay after it.

    "Nothing can distract me from the mission.  I will not rest until I have delivered the milk."
    (Boyd approaches the Torney Towers mental asylum and takes out a lit Molotov cocktail in the form of a milk bottle)
    "Hey Boyd, why are you trying to burn down the asylum?"
    (Boyd freezes in throwing position until the game's final cutscene)

    Many fans consider Boyd Cooper's level in Psychonauts, "The Milkman Conspiracy", to be one of videogaming's funniest levels.

      Boyd’s in-game rambling was a program that randomly assembles phrases recorded by Alen Blumenfeld.


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