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    Bozzeye is your move tutor in Banjo-Kazooie: Grunty's Revenege, he is also Bottles and Jam Jars distant relative.

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    Banjo - with the aid of Mumbo Jumbo - travels into the past as Gruntilda has stolen Kazooie and taken her back there. As soon as he arrives in the Spiral Mountain of the past he is greeted by a short sighted mole called Bozzeye. He helps Banjo (And eventully Kazooie) across the game by teaching them moves, he requires notes much like Jamjars did in order to teach them.  
    Bozzeye is belived to be some sort of relative to Bottles and Jam Jars, the best guess is that he is a grandfather of the two moles. He also has two lazy eyes.

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