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    Manipulate time to complete puzzles in this 2D platform game made by indie developer Jonathan Blow.

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    A beautiful, unforgettable puzzle/platformer experience 2

     Believe me, dear reader, it took a lot to resist the urge to make some sort of pun involving time in the title of this review...”Braid is Timeless”, “Braid rewinds puzzle/platforming to a simpler age”, etc. etc. But I didn't go that route out of respect for you. I hope you appreciate that! Anyhow, Braid is a puzzle/platformer whose gimmick is that of time travel. Tim, the main character, is off searching for his princess, and like every other puzzle/platformer out there, Tim has to traverse...

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    You are your own Castle. 7

    I want to rewind time. I want to be able to go back to this morning, to forget everything that happened in the past 12 hours. I want to play Braid again, to have those same revelations, those same discoveries all over again. I want to find the solutions to those devious puzzles, to see the bizarre creatures, to delve into every unique mechanic the game has to offer. Just once more, from the top. But I can't. The least I can do, however, is to help you see those revelations for yourself. Braid is...

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    A haunting, memorable, interpretative piece of art. 1

    I don’t know where to begin. I guess I’ll start at the beginning. Or at least the beginning of my experience with Braid. I didn’t know anything about this title when I downloaded the demo off of live arcade. I never followed a single preview. I was completely in the dark all things Braid, but five minutes in to the demo I realized that this was something amazing. At first I thought I understood Braid. A simple platformer with a fantastically implemented time mechanic. In Braid you play as Tim,...

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    Braid will break your brain 0

    When done right, I have always liked "puzzles" in games, even though different people seem to quantify the term "puzzle" in different ways when it comes to video games. Whether you simply think of a "puzzle" as a jigsaw puzzle, or just any challenge that requires a step by step procedure to complete, Braid has them. Lots of them. And they are really, really good. Braid is a puzzle game in every sense of the word, and it will attempt to break your brain in as many ways as possible.Which, of cours...

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    A highly creative platformer that does a lot with time travel. 0

    In recent years, people have been debating whether or not games are art. Although some examples are older games ( Panzer Dragoon, Earthbound, Out of This World, etc.), most gamers cite modern games made after 2000. One of the most common examples is Braid, an independently developed platformer released in 2008. Part of the reason is its striking watercolor art style and calming soundtrack; a larger reason is its imaginative and satisfying use of time mechanics, blending adventure ...

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    A relatively unique and challenging experience. 0

    At its heart Braid is a puzzle game with light platforming elements in which the flow of time is the primary game mechanic. However, it's also fairly driven by its narrative which tells the tale of a man named Tim who is desperately seeking out a Princess who seems to always slip from his grasp.The game doesn't waste any time by making you navigate a traditional title screen. As soon as you start you will find yourself in control of the main character on a dark street. You move to the right to f...

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    Braid Review 0

    Tim has lost his Princess and you've got to help him find her. There's not much to say about Braid without giving away some spoilers, but here we go with a concise attempt. Braid at its core is a puzzle game based within a platformer ala Super Mario Brothers. Its general controls are very familiar... you can run, jump on an enemy's head to knock them away, and reach an end point to the level with relative ease. The real test comes within acquiring the 60 puzzle pieces located throughout the gam...

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    Time-bending puzzle-solving at its finest. 0

     This looks so easy, doesn't it? Much like Inception, self-raising flour, and reading Arabic, Braid is confusing. Braid defines confusion. Everything, from its story to it's mind-bending puzzles, makes you boggle at the sheer complexity of the game. If you feel comfortable with one aspect of the game, it completely changes to keep you as delirious as you were at the beginning. Only one thing remains the same: Braid is a deep and rewarding puzzle game; an achievement that will leave you ponderi...

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    Challenges the linearity of gaming 0

    I wanted to start again. It was possible this time, as it was every time before. Braid gave me no limits on "dying." I could die and die and die, but I could never actually lose. Tim would get up as soon as time rewound. One may dispute the innovation inherent in this mechanic, but this is not the only that Braid is set apart from other games.   There are no mistakes in this game. One may erase any and all actions taken. One may skip all the levels, too. The game will not let you lose. This crea...

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    Hamst3r's Quick Review 0

    BraidBraid is pure, hardcore, badass mind-fuckery. While time manipulation in games has been done to death, the time manipulation gameplay in Braid still feels fresh and interesting. Also, the ending of the game is so insanely clever and poignant that it had me wide-eyed, shocked in amazement, laughing in amusement and ready to cry. Braid is split up in to 6 “worlds” which are split up in to several levels. At it’s very core: you run from the left side of the screen to the right of the screen, ...

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    This platform/puzzler will hypnotize you... for about three hours 1

    I was a little apprehensive about downloading Braid from the Marketplace. Although I love 2D platformers, $15 seemed a bit steep for what sounded like a very short experience. Needless to say, after trying the demo, I was hooked and promptly added enough MS points to my account to unlock the full game.The first piece of the story is revealed through a series of books (don't worry, not that much reading) that informs the player about Tim's plight and why he must go through the trials set before h...

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    A rare mix of video game genius with pure artistic beauty. 0

    Sometimes, when watching a film or reading a novel, you feel a burn of emotion deep inside your chest. Something that affects you so profoundly that it moves beyond being just a form of media. It is internalized and remembered forever. Braid is one of those things. But it isn't just an example of art in gaming, it's a game full of pure genius as well. The game, at first, comes off as a platformer. There are relatively little instances of hardcore platforming in the game, and they usually only ...

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    Goombas may have mated with lions, it's Puzzle Time! 0

    In Braid, you play as Tim, a man on a quest to save the princess. Don’t be fooled by the simplistic set-up and familiar trappings of the platforming genre. While Braid clearly pays homage to Mario with enemies that look like Goombas mated with lions, the game is more about puzzle solving than precision based platforming. When you get stuck in Braid, and you will from time to time, it will be because the solution to the puzzle hasn’t dawned on you yet, not because you can’t mak...

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    Clever, charming, mind-expanding, and beautiful!! 0

    Ever since Braid released, I’ve wanted to buy it. Problem was that it was only for XBOX 360, and I do not have a 360. When I finally learned that it was available for PC, I knew that somehow I was going to wind up getting the game, and did! At first, I didn’t know if my PC would fit the technical requirements that Braid required, because the “Can You Run It?” website said I couldn’t play it, because I didn’t have the required processor. Funny thing is I found that my processor was just .02 GHZ o...

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    Force Against Habit 0

    In the time that I've been playing and thinking about indie game superstar, Braid, enigmatic Swedish electronic band, The Knife released their first album in 7 years. 2006's Silent Shout was a watershed moment for The Knife, garnering heaps of critical praise for culling ideas represented in previous albums into a monster of an artistic statement that sounded unlike anything else. The particular trademarks of Silent Shout's sound were ghoulish, pitched-down vocals, layered over clean electronic ...

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    Singular artistic vision 1

    If all Jonathan Blow ever publishes is this game, he has still succeeded in making his mark on the industry. I have played platformers that made vague stabs at updating the genre, but they fell short in comparison to Braid; the presentation, the music, and the mechanics all speak volumes of the thought and effort that went into this title. Braid is the first modern 2d platformer.Braid begins simply. It offers no menus or cheesy logos, or anything to even indicate you are already playing except a...

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    The artsiest game you ever did see. 0

     Ah, Braid. The go-to example in pretentious "Are games art?" conversations. I'm not going to get into that argument in-depth here, but suffice it to say, Braid is quite the artsy game. Though I could do without the ridiculous metaphorical storyline (don't get me started on the epilogue), the game's art style is amazing. It gives off a sort of hand-painted, watercolor vibe that's simply gorgeous. Though the underlying gameplay basics are that of a simple platformer, the game's real strength lies...

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    ...and so, we start all over again. 0

    One would think that a linear puzzle game would have no replay value, and yet I cannot stop myself from repeatedly booting it up and just soaking in the delicious aesthetic.It drips, oozes style from every pore, every orifice spouting time diluting rainbows and pastel silhouettes.The single-track, determined faces march along, only interrupted by a crushing blow to the head.Malicious plants sprout from green pipes to impede your progress, nostalgic remnants of a long-forgotten era.Soothing strin...

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    Braid - Review 0

    You could be easily fooled into thinking that Braid was simply another platforming game. Braid is first and foremost a puzzle game which uses platforming to assist in solving the always fun and sometimes very challenging puzzle’s spread across 6 worlds. The first thing you will notice when you begin to play Braid is that the game is highly stylized in its presentation. Braid has simple, yet very appealing graphics and the soundtrack is so beautiful that you will often find yourself listening t...

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    A deceptively casual Puzzle game- 1

    Braid is an Indie game developed by Johnathan Blow, and at first glance may look like a platformer but is actually a Deep Puzzler that will frustrate and amaze.Braid is centered around the main character Tim who is searching for his lost love, and the story is presented in optional text.The key to Braid is its puzzles which are all based around using time travel, Tim has an unlimited ability to rewind time and this is used to gather puzzle pieces and solve puzzles.Each world forces you to think ...

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    Think outside the box 0

    Some would say Braid is a bit pretentious, and it is but who cares, I enjoyed every minute of Johnathen Blow's Braid; including the many instances staring at a puzzle and cursing my television loudly because I was too stupid to get it instantly. Puzzle solving fun a la Portal in terms of unique challenges and fun mechanics. It should be cheaper than fifteen, not because I'm a cheap bastard afraid to spend money on fun, but merely because the price point will turn-off nae-sayers. Braid is easily ...

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    Braid is a unique game that suffers primarily from its pricing. 8

    ProsBrilliant art design. Fun puzzle mechanics. ConsThose same "fun puzzle mechanics" get old somewhat fast. Little to no replayability. Costs 1,200 Microsoft points. Most likely, due to Microsoft's excessive advertising for the Autumn XBLA releases, you've heard of Braid. It is, above all, based on the likenesses of Mario. Not only do you have "Goomba-esque" characters, but piranhas, a Princess to save, and so on. The story is very much optional, when going to different worlds you pass by boo...

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    A fantastic experience 0

    Okay so, I like to tell myself that I'm a big fan of puzzle games. But most traditional ones can never hold my interest for long. But a game like Braid comes along that has such character and challenge that I felt I had to see it through to the end. In a good way, I mean.Braid can most easily be described as an arthouse type of game, but one that's actually fun to play. And doesn't beat you over the head with its message. Hell, you can completely skip the story all together if you want, though I...

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    Abnormal But Good 0

    *Before you read just know I did this review abstractly and it is very different from other styles of review. Read to get a general impression of the whole package, instead of separate parts* Intro Braid; a peculiar specimen. A truly melancholy experience that so much can’t be assigned a score, but really just dissected. Jonathon Blow’s undertaking is a weird dive into an extremely ambiguous tale of one man’s search for the princess. I am still in bewilderment of what has just happened. I just f...

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    If I could turn back time... 0


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    Innovation doesn't even Begin to Describe this Indie Gem 0

    Braid is a game not many people have heard about until now, due to a strong marketing push by Microsoft, Braid is finally getting the much needed attention. Braid is developed by Indie developer Jonathan Blow, and boy does he have a story to tell with the Biggest Little Game ever created Braid. Braid is a puzzle platformer much in the same vain as Super Mario Bros. except with a very deep and profound story and of course Puzzles.The Puzzles in Braid very frankly will probably tear you a new one,...

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    Impressionistic Frustration 3

    Let’s say I bake you a tray full of cookies.  You can see them, smell them and almost taste them.  Only, I’ve decided you’re too dumb to have any.  This is Braid, in a nutshell. Every level introduces a new way to make the player feel insanely stupid. The learning curve accelerates extremely fast. Once you think you understand how the game works, it turns out you really don’t and you’re stuck once again. Here’s this key you need, only you can’t jump high enough and there’s no ladder, but you can...

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    A new classic 0

    Though ostensibly a platformer, Braid is really a puzzle game. A very clever and entertaining one. If I had to compare it to any recent game, it would be Portal. It shares the same clever puzzle dynamics. It also shares the length -- it is not a long game. But that's good, because it means it's as long as it should be.Where it's different even than portal is how the "gimmick" is different on every stage. Your control of time changes, and things you learned on previous stages aren't necessarily u...

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    Be kind, rewind. 2

    Last night, I went to bed at 3 AM. I had just spent two hours playing Braid, but the solutions to a few of the puzzles still eluded me. This morning, I woke up at 11 o'clock, and starting playing Braid again. One hour later, I sat in front of my television, staring at the last screen of the game. I didn't want it to end. Braid is that kind of game.Braid is the kind of game that just doesn't let you go. It's the kind of game you wish you could experience for the first time all over again. Much li...

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    The Future of Gaming is Comming to Terms With The Past 0

    Braid defies time, learning from the best titles of out past, and bringing a fresh exciting taste of the future of gaming. Everything about Braid, from it's title screen to the last level, will leap from your television and enchant you. It's gorgeous dream like visuals and beautiful music massage your eyes and ears and almost immediately you are aware that this isn't like anything you've played before.The art of storytelling and videogames, is often debated and argued and, let's face it, we are ...

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    Brain Teasing Turned to the Max 1

    A handful of games of recent memory have challenged the intellects of the brain towards solving puzzles. Braid turns up the puzzle solving to the max with platforming sections along with homages to iconic games like Super Mario Bros. and Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. This puzzle platformer for Xbox Live Arcade feels like a hybrid of Mario platforming, the time mechanic from The Sands of Time, and challenging puzzle solving similar to Portal. Along with a simple yet complex story with a mi...

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    This is one of the best... 0

    XBL Arcade games I have ever played!  I will not ever give out a 5 star rating so consider this the best you will ever see coming from me.  I have still only played the demo at this point (I'm poor).  But to tell you the truth, I have been playing a lot of it.  What's there to play? you ask.  I don't know what it is, but I can see this game keeping me very busy for a long time once I buy the full version.  This is gonna be one of those severely underrated games that everyone talks about. Like Be...

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    Braid 0

    Braid is a time-bending puzzle game disguised as a simple platformer like Super Mario Bros., and has enough self awareness to make several references to that fact. Beneath the basic gameplay controls and pleasant, hand-drawn appearance though, there is an incredible amount of depth and inventiveness to every aspect of the game's design, from the time manipulation mechanics to the devious puzzles to the great story. Basically, there are five normal worlds you can run through. The goal is to get a...

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    tnaillirb 0

    Braid is a platforming game with a difference. It resembles super mario brothers very much with a very arty twist and has you jumping on things heads to kill them and other familiar things. The thing that makes braid stand out from the crowd is its use of an old favourite of mine time travel. Along with your normal buttons the x button rewinds time and there is no limit to how far you can go so you can rewind right back to the beginning of the level if you wish.This all takes a bit of getting us...

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    If you had to buy one XBLA game, this would be it. 0

    Personally, I was skeptical of Braid at first. But after playing through the game I discovered that this game has had a quite long-lasting impact on me, making it one of the best Xbox Live Arcade Games I’ve ever played.Obviously, the main ability used throughout the game is the ability to reverse time. Throughout the game, you must use this ability in order to solve puzzles and obtain puzzle pieces. These are used to construct paintings of each world the player goes to, and once all of them are ...

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    Don't let anyone say this game isn't worth it 0

    This is one of maybe 2 or 3 games on the XBL marketplace that is a must buy!  The extreme attention to detail is mindboggling.Let me start by paraphrasing from an early section of the game. The whole theme in this game is that people learn from their mistakes. The only problem is that your mistake has consequences. What if, just *what if*, we had the guts to forgive and forget those mistakes. We would then be rewarded for learning instead of being punished for the mistake. THAT is the key that m...

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    A clever puzzle game, wrapped up in a student film 0

    It is very hard to describe what makes Braid a great game. It is not enough to just say that it is a great puzzle game that involves a lot of time manipulation mechanics, because it is more unique than that. It is also not enough to say that it is an example of "games as art", because that makes it sound pretentious (which, to be honest, it is in places). The best description for Braid might be that it is a very clever puzzle game, wrapped up in a student film. It succeeds on the basic level of ...

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    Buy this game. 0

    Allow me to explain why every gamer should buy this game:1. It's beautiful. The art and music in Braid is some of the best I've seen in a while. The watercolor graphics and folksy tunes allow the world to really suck you in.2. It's beautiful! The gameplay and puzzles give surprisingly depth to what first seems like a derivative platformer (look for several Mario nods, especially in the first level). The different ways in which time can be manipulated in each level offers fresh challenges every s...

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    The XBLA Game I've Been Waiting For! 0

    I spent a good forty-five minutes thinking about how I’d start this review off. The first idea (which I quickly abandoned) involved me doing some sort of gimmick in the review involving time travel and altering the order of my text <--this like of kind<--, but I quickly realised that would be crap and is more suited to a video review anyhow. Then I thought about going on a small rant at frugal gamers who believe the $15 price of entry for Braid is too high and that they won’t be buying it ...

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    Braid, Its not about how much there is, but about how so little c 0

        Braid is not your average game. It is the pinnacle of 2D platforming, 2D gaming, maybe even gaming period. It leaves an impression, one that will definitely stay with you for years to come, but most of all, it leaves you thinking. Days after you've beaten this game, your mind is still baffled by what you just experienced. How ingenious the puzzles were. How mind boggling the story was. The millions of ways you can interpret the dialogue, and how it pertains to the actions of Tim, the protago...

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    Braid is an excellent game, and has a fantastic art stlye 0

    Braid is a 2D side scrolling platformer, which uses time, and intense puzzles throughout every level. Braid has gameplay, in the same vein as the 2D Mario games, but not as much, while keeping the jumping to lower levels and such. Braid is consisted of 6 worlds, and about 6-8 in each, and has a couple of boss battles.  In Braid, the first thing you'll notice is the art stlye and how amazing Braid really does look on HD setups. The gameplay at first will feel very much like your average platformi...

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    A Platform Game With A Puzzly Twist. 0

    Before buying braid I was totally turned off by the art style and aesthetic but once I played the game I realized that it was easy to ignore it. It's not that the game has bad graphics in fact the graphics are kinda neat It's just a combination of the main character's suit and tie, the background violin music and the manor in which the story is told that just turns me off a little bit.However, like I said before the gameplay is so good that the art doesn't even matter. Basically this is one of t...

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    A game you'll rewind time and time again. 0

        On paper, Braid sounds like a typical side-scrolling adventure, with time control thrown in, but what makes this game a trip is the style, heart, and philosophy behind this game. This game was a labor of love from it's developers and it really shows.     Braid has a time control element to it. Time control may sound like a gimmick to games these days, but it's utilized to perfection in this game. You absolutely need it to solve puzzles and get past certain enemies, and Braid has allot of puz...

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    One of the best games. Period. 0

        At a glance, Braid appears to be a simple puzzle/platformer with a time-bending gimmick. Some might call it a Mario Clone, but those people have not played past the first world. There is a point in the game where it just clicks and the players realizes how great the game really is.     The "story" of Braid is very strange. There isn't really one "story" to the game. The message of the game can be interpreted in many ways. The simplest being that there is a princess needing rescue and the mos...

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