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    Brain Drain

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    A member of the organization "Lab 0" in the Skullgirls game universe, he was actually created in "Lab 7." He is a potential DLC character after a successful Indiegogo campaign.

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    Brain Drain's powers are mostly psychic, although he also has a fully robotic body after the majority of his original body was destroyed in the Lab 7 disaster. After Lab 7's destruction, he joined Lab 0, quickly rising up the ranks to become it's second in command. Due to the accident at Lab 7 which destroyed not only the facility, but his own body, he has little remaining faith in humanity, believing he can replicate and create superior mechanical versions of anyone.

    Brain Drain appears for a split second to "activate" Painwheel whenever she fights. He also appears several times throughout Painwheel's story, as he and Valentine were responsible for creating her.

    Brain Drain was revealed to be a potential DLC character for Skullgirls during the fund raising Indiegogo campaign. His proposed play-style would rely strongly on his psychic powers. Perhaps this could let him briefly control an opponent's character, forcing them to fight their own teammates, or steal one of their moves, thus changing his own move-set to throw opponent's off-guard.

    While Brain Drain successfully made it through the first round of fan votes, placing him in the top 16 potential characters, he did not survive the second round.


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