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Brain Games features various 'brain teaser' games in both single and multiplayer game modes. The keypad controller is required.


Picture Me
Picture Me

Brain Games features several modes of play. Each game mode has multiple levels of difficulty (except "Play Me"), and supports either single- or multiplayer, for a total of 19 game modes.

Keypad controllers are used for all input.

Touch Me

A 'Simon Says' style game where the player(s) must remember a series of tones and play them back using the keypad. Four misses or completing 32 tones completes gameplay.

Count Me

Identical to 'Touch Me', with numbers replacing tones.

Picture Me

Four "objects" are displayed in the central column. After a set amount of time (depending on difficulty) the objects are placed on the left column in a random order. The player must recall their original order and place them correctly in the right column.

Find Me

Four "objects are displayed in a central column. The player has a set amount of time (depending on difficulty) to choose the dissimilar object. In multiplayer mode, the player who chooses correctly fastest wins. In single-player, the less time it takes, the higher the score.

Add Me

The player must add a column of numbers before time runs out.

Play Me

The keypads can be used as musical instruments, with each number representing a tone. The instruction manual included a "song book" including a sort of number pad tablature for "Happy Birthday", "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star", "Three Blind Mice", and "Row Row Row Your Boat" as a duet.

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