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    Weapon used by Garl Vinland in the PS3 game Demon's Souls.

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    About the Weapon

    One of the Vinland family heirlooms, Bramd is wielded by Garl Vinland, younger brother of the Sixth Saint, Astraea. It is distorted and oddly shaped, a trademark of its original wielder, a great giant-slayer. Its heaviness makes it a very slow and non-conventional weapon.
    Bramd has a very high base attack damage, but with both the Meat Cleaver (being faster), and the Dragon Bone Smasher (being stronger), there is no practical advantage to the item, besides its heavy plague and poison resistances. Upgrading Bramd will only increase the plague and poison resistances, not its damage. It is more practical to just use some of the very plentiful Royal Lotuses or Widow's Lotuses as you become affected by either condition.

    How to Obtain Bramd  

    Getting Bramd is very simple, it's just easy to miss. Like a number of unique weapons in the game, you can only get Bramd by killing the Black Phantom version of its wielder. Here's how:

    • Kill Garl Vinland and Maiden Astraea in the Valley of Defilement. They are both killed as part of the last boss battle in that world
    • Activate the archstone and receive Maiden Astraea's Demon's soul
    • Return to Nexus
    • Check world tendency. Need pure white world tendency
    • Return via the Dirty Colossus Archstone, not Maiden Astraea's. (You can use Maiden Astraea's, but only if you want to die)
    • Go to are where you fought Garl Vinland, and you should see the Black Phantom Garl
    • Use same tactics on this fight, only be more cautious, as his attacks do far greater damage, and he has far greater health
    • You won! Pick up the giant mallet!

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