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    A browser-based simulation website that pits virtually any character in reality television shows such as the Big Brother and Survivor series and fictional contests such as the eponymous contest of the Hunger Games films.

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    BrantSteele is a collection of browser-based simulators designed by Brant Steele. The simulators are based on reality television series such as the Big Brother and Survivor series as well as fictional contests such as the Hunger Games, a survival killing game from the film of the same name.

    By default the simulators features the original cast of a particular series. Each simulator is highly customizable, with the player able to put virtually any character in any media in the simulators. Relationship with other characters is also editable as well as certain attributes.


    The following series/fictional games has been featured in BrantSteele:

    Simulator SeriesImagePlayable Simulators (As of 17 Feb 2017)
    Survivor Simulator
    No Caption Provided
    • Survivor Borneo
    • Survivor Australia
    • Survivor Africa
    • Survivor Marquesas
    • Survivor Thailand
    • Survivor Amazon
    • Survivor Pearl Islands
    • Survivor Panama
    • Survivor Cook Islands
    • Survivor Fiji
    • Survivor China
    • Survivor Micronesia
    • Survivor Gabon
    • Survivor Tocantins
    • Survivor Samoa
    • Survivor Heroes vs Villains
    • Survivor Nicaragua
    • Survivor Redemption Island
    • Survivor South Pacific
    • Survivor One World
    • Survivor Philippines
    • Survivor Caramoan
    • Survivor Blood vs Water
    • Survivor Cagayan
    • Survivor San Juan del Sur
    • Survivor Worlds Apart
    • Survivor Cambodia
    • Survivor Kaoh Rong
    • Survivor Millenials vs Gen X (demo)
    Big Brother Simulator
    No Caption Provided

    • Big Brother 1-18
    • Big Brother Canada 1-4
    • 10-20 Player Templates
    • Future Template

    Hunger Games Simulator

    No Caption Provided

    • Hunger Games

    Dog Eat Dog Simulator

    No Caption Provided

    • Original Version

    Circle Simulator

    No Caption Provided

    • Original Version

    Total Drama Simulator

    No Caption Provided

    • 01. Island

    The Challenge Simulator

    No Caption Provided

    • 13. The Duel (Demo)

    Several seasons of the Big Brother and Survivor franchises have been featured in BrantSteele.


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