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    A Cleric of Tempus in Baldur's Gate, who is rather stone-faced when you first see her...

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    These actions are not those of warrior born.

    Branwen is a female cleric in Baldur's Gate. She is first encountered at the Nashkel Carnival, in the shape of a petrified stone statue. With a scroll of stone to flesh, you can release and recruit her. She will tell you that she is a warrior priest of Tempus, the god of war, and that she was petrified by a man named Tranzig (who turns out to be one of Sarevok's minions, and involved with the poisoning of the Nashkel mines).

    Branwen is strongly devoted to war and combat, even more so than most fighters. She has no fear of death, leaps eagerly into battle, and respects those she considers strong warriors. She openly admires Shar-Teel's valiance, even if she doesn't agree with her outlook in general.

    As a True Neutral character, Branwen will complain whether your reputation gets too low or too high for her tastes, stating that your actions are not those of warrior born.
    Branwen is voiced by Bernadette Sullivan.

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