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    Brass Knuckles

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    Simple hand-to-hand weapon that gives more pain for the punch.

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    Brass knuckles are a hand-held blunt weapon that enhances the brutality of a punch. made from a single piece of metal, they consist of a handle which is gripped in the palm, and four holes to support and cover the wielder's fingers. When holding a set of brass knuckles, the force of the wielder's punches is focused on a smaller area of the body, causing greater damage with the possibility of lacerations from the metal.

    Brass Knuckles in Games and Pop Culture

    Brass knuckles often appear as a weapon in beat-em-up games like Double Dragon or River City Ransom. Soma Cruz also used several different variants of brass knuckles to enhance his punch attacks in Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow. Some variants of brass knuckles might include spiked knuckles, or the more exotic electrified knuckles that appear in some science fiction stories. In the Dirty Pair: Fatal But Not Serious comic books, Kei wore "Buzz Knux" electrified knuckles.

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