Bravely Default: FF - Collectors Pack

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#1 Posted by Wong_Fei_Hung (735 posts) -
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#2 Posted by AsperGamer (174 posts) -

Wow. That is very nice indeed. Is that a US product? I don't need any more 3DS', but it would be nice to have all the other stuff.

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#3 Posted by Encephalon (1730 posts) -

You had me at Akihiko Yoshida.

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#4 Posted by Silvergun (298 posts) -

I still don't think I'll love any CE bonus as much as I love my Tactics Ogre tarot cards.

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#5 Posted by jacksukeru (6599 posts) -

This game has had me slightly interested since its mention on the 8-4 podcast. I wonder how long it will take before it is brought over.

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#6 Posted by dungbootle (2502 posts) -

@Encephalon said:

You had me at Akihiko Yoshida.

Agreed, love his art. It tends to get me interested in games I wouldn't take a close look at otherwise.

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@AsperGamer said:

Wow. That is very nice indeed. Is that a US product? I don't need any more 3DS', but it would be nice to have all the other stuff.

Japanese CE of the game. It's on PlayAsia.

It's not a 3DS, it's a case shell.

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#8 Posted by TheHT (14553 posts) -

Ooooh, that looks nice.

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#9 Posted by Wong_Fei_Hung (735 posts) -

Famitsu Review....

Reviewer #1:

“Abundant jobs and abilities paired with ability to build up turns spend them in advance. It’s a unique system and it’s awesome. Thinking about tactics is way too fun. With the skill shown in the graphics and story, you’re kind of unsure about whether your should level your characters or advance the story. Lots of benefits from street passes, so it becomes a game you always want to have and walk around with. A supreme game.”


Reviewer #2:

“The battle system and the brave-and-default system’s excellence and the very tactical battle system will satisfy. On top of that, I get the

impression that the difficulty is kind of high. There are lots of jobs and

abilities, and you feel like it’s really worth developing your characters.

Social stuff like summoning your friends and playing with them is really



Reviewer #3:

“The enemies are strong. It has some meat to it. The battle system is

excellent. The Brave and Default system is really novel. It’s fun to

consider when to build up Brave Points and how to spend them. Really takes advantage of street pass technology. In particular, I liked using the street pass functions to decrease the reconstruction time of the village. That was really cool.”


Reviewer #4

“At first, it causes you to remember Final Fantasy with its job system; it’s nostalgic like that. That stuff doesn’t go out of style. The graphics look like a picture book, just beautiful. It’s a new game, but the music has an old, classic feel. The battle system and the street pass contents are so extensive, you’ll want to dive into all of the content.”


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#10 Posted by Xshinobi (570 posts) -

hmm I wonder if I should get the JPN CE and then wait for the US release.

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#11 Posted by onthelam (7 posts) -

I ordered a copy of BDFF and a 3DSLL off Play-Asia. Just read that they're also releasing BDFF on the Japanese e-Shop. Hope they bring this to western countries someday.

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#12 Posted by StrikeALight (1231 posts) -

That's a hell of a game title.

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