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#1 Edited by XenoNick (1582 posts) -

Since this game has similar features to the first game I thought be worth setting up a friend code exchange. I know this only applies to Duders from Europe at the mo though.

Friend code : 1676-3670-8698

EDIT: Sorry for being late in adding some of you. Been a hectic week.

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#2 Posted by dazzhardy (1470 posts) -

I was thinking about doing this exact same thing when I got home, only to find you'd already done it :D

Friend Code: 2664-2210-6944

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#3 Edited by shaydoge (1 posts) -

@dazzhardy: about to start it. Added both of you 4055-6483-3259 cheers

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#4 Posted by xSelene (1 posts) -

I added all 3 of you :) My Friend Code is 1049 - 0096 - 5054

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#5 Posted by Carollzinha (1 posts) -

Hello! Pls add me 2423 5394 9132

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#6 Posted by Feely (1 posts) -

Added all you, pls add me FC 1478 6593 9662

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#7 Posted by Duncs (48 posts) -

Added you all, feel free to add me duders! FC: 2165-5529-3142 name Duncan

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#8 Posted by Rodin (350 posts) -

Added you all, please add me back guys, need those assits. FC: 3995-6525-1038

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#9 Posted by Twinsun (819 posts) -

Added you guys, please add me as well :-)

2793 - 1289 - 7963 - name Ebbes

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#10 Posted by Sponsch (1 posts) -

Added everyone please add me too^^.

0559-6753-1558 (Sponsch)

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#11 Posted by evanomeara (104 posts) -

Just finishing up Majoras Mask but plan on starting this in the next week or so. PM me on the site if I didnt add you and you added me

Name: Evan

Friend code : 0834-1996-1315

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#12 Edited by DedBeet (706 posts) -

So looking forward to Bravely Second. Please add me.

Name: JefC

Friend code: 0232 - 8994 - 2888

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#13 Edited by AquilaXi (4 posts) -

Need those abililinks added everyone on the list so far - Please add me

Name : AquilaXI

Friend Code :2079-5862-3604

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#14 Posted by supermulletman (70 posts) -

Hello, FC: 1263-7112-8675 name: SuperMulletMan

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#15 Posted by Sephiran (1 posts) -

Hello, Added everyone, my FC: 2406 - 5112 - 1866 Nickname: Sephiran, add me back :3

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#16 Posted by lord12 (1 posts) -

hello guys added everyone so plz add me!, my code is5300 9440 6296 ^^

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#17 Posted by KnowEyeDeers (1 posts) -

Hey I know this is a little late to the party, but I'd like to put my friend code out there, both to recruit friends with strong ba'al-busting ships, or just to help people out through abilink or sent abilities. FC: 3883-8070-5311. Nickname: Poetic. Let me know if you added me so I can add back. Thanks for your time.

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#18 Posted by Arca59 (1 posts) -


I'm also quite late but here goes mine: FC 1006-0668-6167 Nickname: Sara

Going to add everyone so far :)

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#19 Edited by VBank (1 posts) -

Game's a blast so far!

adding everyone

Nick: Ailucard

FC: 2423-4836-2114

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#20 Posted by Vyniir (50 posts) -

Hey all, Gotta get those assists!

FC: 0361-6821-6363 Nickname: Vyniir

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#21 Posted by Ninjak007 (1 posts) -

The game is not bad but i might need some assistant to build up more villagers and lab

FC: 1693-4520-9971

nickname: Ninjak

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#22 Posted by AutumnShade1 (45 posts) -

Added everyone. I should be playing it a lot for the next couple of weeks.

FC: 3625-8699-5168


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#23 Posted by Black_J (1 posts) -

Added Pretty much everyone, please add me back / 0903 - 4094 - 5336 \ Nickname: Black J.

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#24 Posted by LiamHomer (1 posts) -

Hi guys and gals. Hope you are all still around! Added everyone here :) my code is 4656-7704-0853. Name is li. Hope to have you all as ds friends soon! :)

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#25 Posted by Ginilicious (2 posts) -


I just added you. Please add me too.

FC: 3626-0658-9333

Name: Gini

(I also sent a private message to everyone since I don't know if the topic is still active. Thank you.)

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#26 Posted by bailj018 (1 posts) -


Added everyone, if you could return the favour: 0404-7080-0296

Jonny, cheers.

P.s. Hi Gini, saw you doing the rounds ;)

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#27 Posted by Kteven (69 posts) -

Hey Duders,

In the process of adding everyone that has posted. Just got my copy and i'm looking forward to playing, my code is 0275-7150-3984

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#28 Edited by gregoryc (193 posts) -

Getting the game on release day (April 15th) in the United States.

Adding everyone in this thread, including people who posted after I add my friend code.

Name: Gregory Friend Code: 1075 - 0995 - 3770

I look forward to adding new friends to use abilities and such. I hope everyone is enjoying the game!

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#29 Edited by mrfarenheit (13 posts) -

Jolly cooperation everyone. Friend code, 1478-3540-4408, name:J

aka jesse

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#30 Posted by metalsnakezero (2884 posts) -

MiniChan 0232-8031-3218

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#31 Edited by Bezerker85 (380 posts) -

Forgot to do it during the beta but I picked up the game today, gonna start adding people on here. Here is my info:

Bezerker 0516-7435-3399

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#32 Edited by JessiDeuxTrois (2 posts) -

Adding people now!

Friend Code: 1091-8338-8436

Nickname: Jessi

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#33 Edited by glenngunnerzero (8 posts) -

Adding people too.


everybody added since 4/18 5/1

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#34 Posted by Kendrakhais (1 posts) -

Adding all who posted in the last 24 hours. Feel free to add back! Will check here periodically over the next few days for more friends. :) (so far, added Greg, Jesse, Zerker, Jessi and Glenn)

FC: 2423-3952-6482

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#35 Edited by bubbaj0e (11 posts) -

my friend code is cdawg fc: 5086-2034-7557 fixed

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#36 Posted by drseussfreak (1 posts) -

@bubbaj0e: Your code is invalid

Mine is :4355-9944-5058, I have added you all

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#37 Posted by aznxchunky (56 posts) -

friend code 4270-2237-9919. ill be done getting all the bonuses in the demo then on to the real game.

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#38 Edited by pzuzu45 (20 posts) -

3969 - 4420 - 4117.

Ill go back and ad people that posted since the US version was available ( I can assume people who posted a month ago are probably finished).

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#39 Posted by DayvanCowboy (5 posts) -

jeremy 3136-6902-8084

I was really into the original, sending stupidly powerful moves at the time. Adding everyone who's posted since release date (bailj108, Kteven, Gregoryc, mrfarenheit, MiniChan, Berzerker85, JessiDeuxTrois, GlennGunnerZero, Kendrakhais, bubbaj0e, drseussfreak, aznxchunky, and pzuzu45)

Let me know if you add me and I don't show up on your lists.

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#40 Posted by StarvingGamer (11518 posts) -

@xenonick: @dazzhardy: @shaydoge: @xselene: @carollzinha: @feely: @duncs: @rodin: @zeushbien: @sponsch: @evanomeara: @dedbeet: @aquilaxi: @supermulletman: @sephiran: @lord12: @knoweyedeers: @arca59: @vbank: @vyniir: @ninjak007: @autumnshade1: @black_j: @liamhomer: @ginilicious: @bailj018: @kteven: @gregoryc: @mrfarenheit: @metalsnakezero: @bezerker285: @jessideuxtrois: @glenngunnerzero: @kendrakhais: @bubbaj0e: @drseussfreak: @aznxchunky: @pzuzu45: @dayvancowboy:

I just added everyone in this thread so if some of you could add me back that would be swell!


Also if anyone else adds me please @ me otherwise I won't remember to check back here.

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#42 Posted by JessiDeuxTrois (2 posts) -

@jaed: what's your friend code?

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#43 Posted by Jaed (2 posts) -
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#44 Posted by sycophant0 (1 posts) -

FC : 2466 - 4886 - 8660

Added everyone since release

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#46 Posted by mfmfmf (1 posts) -


Added all above and gonna monitor this topic for a while...

FC 0834-2036-3977

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#49 Edited by JeoFizz (4 posts) -
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#50 Posted by higunner (1 posts) -

Adding everybody, my code is 0447 - 8891 - 3773

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