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#51 Edited by Eman1098 (1 posts) -

Add my friend code please 2122-7959-6291 adding everyone here that's been active recently added up to 17 days ago

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#52 Edited by PrinceFCpls (2 posts) -

I just started playing Bravely Second, and I'm hooked. After posting this, I'll add everyone latest to old. Please add me as well when you get the chance.

My FC is 3110 - 6604 - 3329

THANK YOU! - Lance

@eman1098: @bailj018: @kteven: @gregoryc: @mrfarenheit: @metalsnakezero: @bezerker285: @glenngunnerzero: @kendrakhais: @bubbaj0e: @drseussfreak: @aznxchunky: @pzuzu45: @dayvancowboy: @starvinggamer: @jessideuxtrois: @jaed: @sycophant0: @knoweyedeers: @mfmfmf: @durre: @halcyon0616: @higunner: @jeofizz: @halcyon0616:

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#53 Posted by PrinceFCpls (2 posts) -
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#54 Posted by JeoFizz (4 posts) -

Got ya @eman1098 and @princefcpls, Thanks!

I try to check daily so keep sending me invites!


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#55 Posted by walklikeazombie (2 posts) -

Had my 3DS for awhile just picked up Bravely Second. Loving it so far!


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#56 Posted by CooCooKachew (1 posts) -
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#57 Posted by Ginilicious (2 posts) -
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#58 Posted by JeoFizz (4 posts) -
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#59 Posted by dancloud (2 posts) -

Added everyone, pls add me as well :)

Friend code: 1177-8126-7611

Name: dancloud

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#60 Edited by RFFantasy13 (1 posts) -

Added you guys add me plz


Nickname RFFXIII

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#61 Posted by Googs (2 posts) -

Add me too: 4442-2883-4017

Nickname: Googs

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#62 Edited by imhungry (1139 posts) -
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#63 Posted by JeoFizz (4 posts) -

@rffantasy13 and @googs I didn't get an add from either of you so I added you. My code is 4098-4333-8735

@imhungry Thanks for the add I got ya!

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#65 Posted by TheBlue (1034 posts) -
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#66 Posted by Razenex (1 posts) -
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#67 Posted by Ricardonomontoya (1 posts) -
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#69 Edited by Googs (2 posts) -

I added most of you,

Add me too: 4442-2883-4017

Nickname: Googs

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#70 Posted by carlocascante (1 posts) -

Hi guys.

Add me too.



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#71 Posted by Earby (1 posts) -

Hello everyone please add me.

FC 2122-8249-1540

Thank you

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#72 Edited by dancloud (2 posts) -
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#74 Posted by walklikeazombie (2 posts) -
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#75 Posted by jake31928 (1 posts) -

Added everyone from the past two weeks. Add me back or anyone new my friend code is 1091-8440-0361, nickname is Jake.

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#76 Posted by Remy89 (1 posts) -

Hello everyone just started adding my FC is 1951-1165-3096 nickname: Remy

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#77 Posted by Birchy84 (1 posts) -

I just started this game last week and I am adding everyones FCs. Please add me as well.

Nickname: Greg

FC: 4356 2800 9018


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#78 Edited by Onizuka101 (1 posts) -

I guys! I just completed bravely default, and the bravely second demo 100% I'm about 9 hours in Bravely Second and its soooo awesome! I added everyone on this second page so:

@eman1098 @jeofizz : @higunner : @eman1098 : @princefcpls : @walklikeazombie : @coocookachew@halcyon0616: @durre: @sycophant0: @dayvancowboy: @pzuzu45: @aznxchunky: @drseussfreak:@kendrakhais: @jessideuxtrois: @metalsnakezero:@ginilicious:@imhungry@googs@rffantasy13@dancloud@theblue@samcambolt270@razenex:@earby@hvuong42@ricardonomontoya@razenex@samcambolt27@xenonick@csailes159 My FC is: 1135 0315 6827

Add me! I always send Rejuvenation!

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#79 Edited by ABBADON (3 posts) -

Just getting started and I know I'm very late to the party,...

Will be adding all , any help is appreciated fc: 1049 - 2404 - 5499

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#85 Posted by duh (0 posts) -
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#86 Posted by MiloOtis69 (1 posts) -

@xenonick: added all on first page, add me too 5386-9172-7159

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#87 Edited by CharleyTony (1024 posts) -

Just purchased this today.



(I just added codes from posts #64 to #86)

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#88 Posted by Shoopmonster (1 posts) -

I started playing this about a month ago. Adding post #51-#87


Friend code - 4484-8565-1531

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#89 Posted by Angelpoll23 (1 posts) -

Please please add me, added #70 to #88

Fc 4442-2488-7112

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#90 Edited by UnHolyEvil (1 posts) -

Old post, but i need some friends added 4914-6020-6062 Trevor

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