Change in game name **spoilers**

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The ending change for this one was a bit to much and the title didn't change for me until I already looked it up as I couldn't imagine they wanted me to beat the entire game again. It was such a cool moment in the first game on the name change and I'm sure it was for people that found it on this one but it didn't change in time for me and even if it did I never would have guessed what such a vague message meant.

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I have literally no idea what you're saying. I'm not sure if I should, or if I'm having a brain attack of some sort.

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**spoiler for the first game**

If you have played the first game or this one you should know the subtitle of the game changes once you beat it or get near the ending. It was a unique thing in the first game as it is called Bravely Default: Flying Fairy and once you get near the end of the game the title screen turns red and changed to Bravely Default: Lying Airy...Airy being one of the people with you the entire game that has been lying to you so you change what you have been told to do the entire game to beat the game.

Edit: Basically I'm saying this game did something similar but it was less effective as it was not an obvious thing and unless you somehow "get" it or look it up you wont get to the ending of the game.

Edit 2: Slighty off on what the title screen changes to but still works

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