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An aerial view of Interlagos Race Track.
An aerial view of Interlagos Race Track.

The Track:

The Interlagos Race Track is located in the Interlagos neighborhood of Sao Paulo, Brazil. It was premiered in May 12th, 1940, as Interlagos Race Track. Its popular name, Interlagos, is due to the fact of its location, between two aritificial rivers built to supply the city with hydro-electrical power. In 1970 it was renamed to José Carlos Pace Race Track, after the famous Brazilian racer's passing that year. 

The track follows a counter-clockwise flow.
The track follows a counter-clockwise flow.
It's one of the few tracks that follow a counter-clockwise design outside of the United States. It is not only used for the Formula One Grand Prix Championship acting as the Brazilian Grand Prix, but for many other leagues of racing, ranging from many styles of racing, like motorbikes and truck, and even athletic style mini marathons. 

The title of Brazilian Grand Prix can also be applied to Jacarepagua Race Track, called Nelson Piquet Race Track after the still living Brazilian driver. The track, located in Rio de Janeiro, was the location of the Brazilian Grand Prix before the reconstruction of the Interlagos for the Formula One Championship. Some races still occur there, but the official Formula One Grand Prix moved to Interlagos in the early 1970's.

List of Formula One winners in the Brazilian Grand Prix:

 2009: Mark Webber - Red Bull
 2008: Felipe Massa - Ferrari  
 2007: Kimi Räikkönen - Ferrari     
2006: Felipe Massa - Ferrari     
2005: Juan Pablo Montoya - McLaren-Mercedes     
2004: Juan Pablo Montoya - Williams-BMW     
2003: Giancarlo Fisichella - Jordan-Ford 
2002: Michael Schumacher - Ferrari-Ferrari
2001: David Coulthard - McLaren-Mercedes 
2000: Michael Schumacher - Ferrari-Ferrari 
1999: Mika Hakkinen - McLaren-Mercedes     
1998: Mika Hakkinen - McLaren-Mercedes     
1997: Jacques Villeneuve - Williams-Renault     
1996: Damon Hill - Williams-Renault 
1995: Michael Schumacher - Benetton-Renault 
1994: Michael Schumacher - Benetton-Ford
1993: Ayrton Senna - McLaren-Ford     
1992: Nigel Mansell - Williams-Renault 
1991: Ayrton Senna - McLaren-Honda 
1990: Alain Prost - Ferrari-Ferrari 
1980: Rene Arnoux - Renault-Renault     
1979: Jacques Laffite - Ligier-Ford     
1977: Carlos Reutemann - Ferrari-Ferrari
1976: Niki Lauda - Ferrari-Ferrari 
1975: José Carlos Pace - Brabham-Ford     
1974: Emerson Fittipaldi - McLaren-Ford 
1973: Emerson Fittipaldi - Lotus-Ford
1972: Carlos Reutemann - Brabham-Ford

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