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The Breaker's Bow is a ranged weapon from Bastion. The Bow must be loaded with an arrow before firing. Like the Calamity Cannon, it cannot be fired immediately. The weapon, like many other ranged weapons in Bastion, has a "power shot" damage boost for attacks that are precisely timed. The Breaker's Bow is capable of penetrating multiple enemies, is always pin-point accurate, and is capable of dealing high damage.


Like every weapon in Bastion, the Breaker's Bow is upgradeable. There are 5 tiers of upgrades, with 2 options for every tier. The upgrades are listed below:

EffectOption 1Option 2Effect
+25% Draw SpeedSpeed StringPower String+2 Target Penetrations Per Shot
+50% DamageStabweed ArrowheadsScumbag ArrowsArrows Cause Damage Over Time
+25% Draw SpeedSupple Bow LimbsReinforced Bow Limbs+2 Penetrations Per Shot
+50% DamageCael FletchingUra FletchingArrows Cause Damage Over Time
Arrows Cause KnockbackDual-Pulley SystemHybrid-Pulley SystemArrows Can Stun

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