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RPG at its best.

Breath Of Fire 3 is a Japanese made RPG made by Capcom. You take the rains of a young blue haired boy named Ryu. As you progress in the game you meet a colorful group of characters that will join your team. Each one has their own skill set and this changes the way each battle can play out. That helps to tune the game to your play style may it be more magic or what have you. The battle system is random encounthers style.

The story of the game is that you (Ryu) have lost your memory and must learn your past and what your link to the "Brood" is. After you get past the early point in the game you can use the power of the "Brood" to change into a dragon in battle. As you move further into the game you can find gems that unlock new dragon forms. The story is in no way kiddie or even two dark. Just like most RPGs the story takes the forefront, and will take you a good chunk of time to complete without doing any of the side stuff with has its own rewards. I'm not the type of guy to jammer on about every bit about a game... So I will just cut to the point, this game will not make change your mind about RPGs. The five star rating I gave this game is for the fact that for a RPG it stays close to what you want and adds to the mix as not to get old or seem cookie cuter. I'm not a big RPG fan but was still pulled into this games story and "brood" system. I wanted it to keep going... but all good things end. You NEED to try this game out if you haven't already. Its now also on the PSP So now is a good time to pick it up. I hope in some small way this helps. I can see it not... but whatever.

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