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    Breezeboot's Frigid Gnasher

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    A Gnomish contraption capable of blasting enemies hundreds of feet back. Model #9000.

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    Breezeboot's Frigid Gnasher was the reward for a quest known as The Pirate Ship, which was offered by Breezeboot Swordrattler, a gnome pirate shipwrecked off the coast of the Western Wastes. Breezeboot required several supplies to repair their vessel, which they were using in an attempt to circumnavigate Velious in an attempt to properly map the area.

    The required items were:

    • Sail - Huge Drake Wing which is obtained by slaying Tranala in Western Wastes.
    • Rope - A 100' Waterproof Rope found in a haunted chest at the bottom of the ocean in Cobalt Scar.
    • Lumber - Seaworthy Planking found randomly on the floor of the Iceclad Ocean.

    Upon returning these three items to Breezeboot, he would offer the BFG as a reward.


    Since there are no guns in EverQuest, a user's skill using the weapon was based off of their archery skill. The primary feature of the weapon was it's right-click effect, which took 10 seconds to cast. The knockback effect would send an enemy roughly 100 feet back.

    Removal from the Game

    The quest was eventually removed from the game due to exploits made capable by the weapon's effect. The knockback effect was relative to which way the caster was facing, which meant that the user could face away from an enemy far away and "push" it towards themselves. This worked on almost all mobs, even ones that were designed to remain static in a specific spot when encountered. While the quest was removed shortly after the release of Shadows of Luclin, those who had already obtained the item were allowed to keep it. Though, certain enemies were altered to resist the knockback effect.


    When the spell Identify was cast on a user holding an item, a message would typically reveal lore about the item that was not listed in the item's stats. The message received when casting Identify on the Breezeboot's Frigid Gnasher was simply "Model 9000." An obvious nod to Doom's BFG9000.


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