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    Brenda Brathwaite

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    Brenda Brathwaite is a game designer and professor of game development and interactive design at the Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, Georgia, USA. She has worked in games development for over two and a half decades.

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    Brenda Brathwaite is a graduate of Clarkson University and examples of her credits include the award-winning series Wizardry, and Jagged Alliance, and games such as Def Jam: Icon, Dungeons & Dragons: Heroes, and others. Brenda is known for her view on adult sexual content in video games and has frequently been interviewed on the subject. She has been particularly vocal about her views regarding anti-censorship and parental rating awareness. Her research work on Playboy the Mansion led to her writing a book, 'Sex in Video Games'. More recently she has created a series of board games known as 'The Mechanic is the Message' in an effort to break away from video games development and create games that unify gameplay with moral messages. The most famous of these is the award-winning 'Train' but others include 'The New World' and more recently 'Síochán Leat'. The other three games which round out this project are in various stages of development. In July 2010 Brathwaite joined Silicon Sisters Interactive, a development studio based out of Vancouver, Canada. Brenda had a relationship with John Romero , with whom she founded Loot Drop, a social games company in November 2010. They got married on September 27, 2012.


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