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Occupying the vast forests known as the Ermine, the bre'Unor are one of the most mysterious races in the Myth series. It is unclear, for instance, whether they are in fact a unique race, or simply a subgroup of fir'Bolg or Humans who live secluded, aboriginal lives. Young or female bre'Unor have never been encountered, nor has any trace of a bre'Unor settlement. This dearth of information is mostly a byproduct of their extreme hostility toward all outsiders. The bre'Unor kill any unfortunate enough to encounter them, and they furthermore defile their bodies, fashioning their bones into weapons or sacrificing them to their god. It is the fir'Bolg, who inhabit the Ermine with them, who have born the brunt of their lack of hospitality, though the bre'Unor do not discriminate when it comes to violence.


The bre'Unor worship a deity they call b'Y'laggo, an air-spirit whom they believe is strengthened by the dying breaths of their enemies. Their entire existence seems to revolve around the worship of this being, as the few intact bre'Unor camps that have been uncovered usually house shrines to b'Y'laggo, which often depict grotesque rituals. The bre'Unor believe that each kill brings b'Y'laggo one step closer toward the necessary power to decimate their enemies completely. What they hope to gain from this aside from more bloodshed is unclear, but they pursue this goal fervently and without question. In battle the bre'Unor are often seen in the company of wolves. It is not known whether they have simply domesticated them, or whether they are a gift from their dark god.

Role in the Series

Filling the role of both melee and ranged unit, bre'Unor are not particularly strong or weak in any one area. They have moderate speed, hit points, and damage, and when used correctly can fill a variety of roles and fight at different ranges better than most units. As with any multipurpose unit, however, the bre'Unor's main drawback is that it lacks a clearly defined purpose, as most of the tasks it can perform well can be performed better by a more specialized unit. This puts the onus on the player to be able to recognize where the unit can best be utilized in each encounter and adjust accordingly, as the unit's most effective role may change from moment to moment.

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