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    Brian Bloom

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    Brian Bloom is an American voice actor who has done voice acting for several games in addition to live acting.

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    Brian began his acting career as a child, with a supporting role as a young Patrick Goldberg in Sergio Leone's crime epic Once Upon A Time in America. Though his live-action presence would be most associated with the character of Dusty Donovan in the soap opera, As The World Turns, during the 80s. His work has also crossed over into writing and producing movies, such as 2010's The A-Team movie, where he also starred as one of the antagonists.

    As a voice actor, Brian has provided countless ''additional voices'' to games, but is also well known for playing many supporting roles such as:

    On occasion, Brian is also given the opportunity to voice the lead character for some video games, such as:

    Most often the characters he voices will also feature his likeness. Even with his steady stream of work as a voice actor, Brian continues to keep himself open for the small screen making cameos or guest appearances in Television.


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