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    Brian Bradley

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    Brian Bradley is the former partner of Kyle Hyde in the NYPD.

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    Brian Bradley is a character in Hotel Dusk: Room 215. In 1976, Bradley lived in New York with his younger sister Mila, working closely alongside his partner Kyle Hyde in the NYPD. Bradley was chosen to go undercover to investigate a crime syndicate known as Nile. However, things didn't go as planned; Bradley betrayed confidential police information to Nile, sending the case to a crashing halt. Hyde, upon hearing what Bradley had done, tore through the city in a rage and finally tracked his partner down at the docks. When Bradley made a motion to run, Kyle shot him and the body fell into the Hudson river.

    Three years later, Bradley's body is left unaccounted for. Hyde, still haunted by the shooting and convinced that his ex-partner is alive somewhere, has quite the police force and spends his days searching for Bradley.


    "I'm a ghost now."

    During the Nile case in 1976, someone within the crime ring had discovered Bradley's true identity. Robert Evans ( Mila Evans's father) was at that time deeply involved with Nile, and ordered Bradley's little sister Mila to be kidnapped to force information out of Bradley. Around that time, Louie's friend Danny stole the painting "Angel Opening a Door" from Nile. Still holding his sister hostage, Evans ordered Bradley to kill Danny and retrieve the valuable painting. When the time came to return the painting and reclaim his sister, however, Bradley found out that Mila had already been killed. He took the painting and ran. Around this time the police realized that Bradley had betrayed them, and Hyde shot his partner at the docks.

    How Bradley survived and recovered afterward is unknown, but it seems he spent the next several years driven by his desire for revenge. Six months prior to the start of the game, Bradley checked into Hotel Dusk under the name "Kyle Hyde" and left clues behind for Kyle to find: a lighter, a red box, and the painting, "Angel Opening a Door". He then told Dunning that he had finally exacted his revenge on Robert Evans, and that he would now be forever on the run. He also visited Evans's daughter Mila in the hospital shortly before she awakened from her long coma and left her with a bracelet that had once belonged to his own sister engraved with the name "Mila" in her possession.

    Six months later, Bradley called into Red Crown, requesting a job for Hyde at Hotel Dusk. In his letter to Kyle at the end of the game, he tells Hyde to stop searching for him, because he is now beyond saving. Ultimately, Bradley's role in Hotel Dusk is that of a MacGuffin. His presence in the story is what drives Hyde to visit the hotel and make a connection with Mila, but once at the hotel, Hyde becomes caught up in a series of events in which Bradley plays no direct involvement.


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