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    Brian Chambers

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    Currently Development Director for Cloud Imperium Games' Frankfurt studio. Brian has almost 20 years experience in the video games industry, focused primarily on animation technology.

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    After studying Fine Arts at California Institute of the Arts, Brian started out in an effects studio for film and TV, working on the Star Trek Voyager episodes as well as various children's shows.

    As the industry moved toward digital animation he then went on to work on the animated TV show Roughnecks: The Starship Troopers Chronicles.

    He was then employed by Shiny Entertainment to work on the Enter the Matrix games. There he worked directly with the Wachowski Bros (now Lana and Lilly) to produce the cutscenes for the game.

    He then worked at Rockstar San Diego as the Animation Director for various games including Red Dead Redemption, the Midnight Club series, some of the Grand Theft Auto (GTA) titles, as well as spending time with "Codename Agent". According to Brian, he recognised some of this work in the later GTA games.

    After his time at Rockstar he started his own company which was then aquired by THQ. Through this aquisition THQ gave him the option to choose a project which landed him the animation director role for the UFC titles. Soon after being added the role of Art Director and with the success of UFC he was also later given work on the WWE license.

    While working for THQ Brian has said to have worked on an unnanounced game with a working title of "Revolution" which was set in mexican favelas where the player had to build a following to overthrow areas of the game.

    Brian then moved to work for Crytek: Frankfurt, who at the time were working on Ryse: Son of Rome and needed help on animation. They then promoted him to Senior Producer for the game to help complete it as a launch title for the Xbox One. He then spent a further 12 months with Crytek until he began looking for work elsewhere.

    By this time Star Citizen was becoming prominent so Brian and a group of other developers applied to work for Cloud Imperium Games as a remote team. After discussion with the heads of the company, he gained permission to establish a sister office in Frankfurt. The increasing demands of Star Citizen development soon swelled the company's ranks to 54 people as of October 2016.


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