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    Brian Irons

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    The corrupt male chief of police from Resident Evil 2.

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    Brian Irons is the corrupt chief police officer of Raccoon City's Police Department. He is seen in Claire's portion of Resident Evil 2 and is responsible for the deaths of many of the police officers at the RPD when he began to hunt and kill them like game. It is therefore known that he had lost his mind during the events of Resident Evil 2.

    Resident Evil 2

    Irons residing over the corpse of the mayor's daughter
    Irons residing over the corpse of the mayor's daughter

    While presenting himself as a kind hearted police chief, Irons was truly an avaricious psychopath concerned only with his own ambition. Claire confronts him in a secret room behind his office and it is here where Irons meets his death. He is either ripped apart by the mutated Birkin or killed when his own body rejects the G-Virus and a parasite bursts out from his chest, killing him instantly. Irons had also been accepting bribes from Umbrella for five years prior to the events of Resident Evil.

    Because of these bribes, Irons stopped all investigations related to Umbrella's research and would cover up suspicious activity in the Raccoon City area. The money he earned from these bribes was used to purchase expensive paintings and statues, which were even allocated hidden rooms within the police precinct to house them. This artwork is encountered by the player in the early stages of Resident Evil 2, in the form of various puzzles involving moving statues and using gems to unlock doors. Details of Irons nefarious actions can be found in notes written by his secretary, which detail daily reports of sewer repairmen working on his underground passageway and various other acts of scheming on Irons part.

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    Irons was bribed with $10,000 in return for shutting down the S.T.A.R.S. investigation into the mansion incident and dismantling the team. Various notes found throughout the game provide further information on Irons past, such as his being arrested on charges of domestic violence (perpetrated against his wife) and his tendency to avoid annual psychiatric evaluation. By the time the player encounters Irons he has gone completely insane, locking down the police station and attempting to stuff the corpse of the Mayors daughter and add her to his taxidermy collection.


    • Irons makes a cameo at the end of Resident Evil 3's Mercenaries mode as the shadowy figure who grants the player their reward.

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