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    Massive beast of a man from Borderlands.

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    Little is known about Brick's history, other than that he wears a chain on his neck with his beloved dead dog's paw on it, along with a ring on each hand with the numbers "1" and "2" on it, and in true style, his belt buckle says T.C.B. Brick's family is also referenced twice in the game. His sister is missing on Pandora, this is the main reason why he is there. Also, in Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot, Brick's mother is referenced as getting past a high round. His specialties are his fists, rocket launchers, and explosives.


    Brick's skill tree
    Brick's skill tree

    Brick's unique ability, Berserk, allows him to fight solely with his fists. While his ability is active, Brick has a higher hit capacity and the player's screen turns red. Brick's right punch is quicker but deals less damage, while his left one is slower but more powerful. Players can customize Brick's Berserk in a variety of ways, including increasing his melee damage, having cash dropped for every punch, and regenerating health for every punch.

    If you want to see how you can level up Brick and try different variations you can visit the official Borderlands Website and use the Skill Tree variator on this link.

    Brick also specializes in heavy weapons. He has skills that increases weapon and explosive damage, as well as increasing his ability to take damage from explosives.


    Like all playable characters in Borderlands, Brick is completely silent except during gameplay, in which he will shout a number of situational quotes:

    While Berserk

    • "More!"
    • "BLOOD!"
    • "RAAGH! KILL!"

    Opening Chests:

    • "For me!?"
    • "YEAH! Mine!"
    • "Look at this shit!"
    • "That's my stuff."
    • "That's what I want."
    • "Alright!"
    • "What's here?"
    • "Ahhhahahahaha!"


    • (Humming and whistling) "This waiting around here is killing me."
    • "You think I ain't got nothing better to do!"
    • "Hmmm?"
    • "Whatcha waitin' for?"
    • "Whatchu waitin' for, now?"
    • "What... are you... waiting for?"
    • "I'll kick yo' ass, let's go!"

    Critical Hit:

    • "Feel it!"
    • "Show me some BLOOD! Hahahahahaha!"
    • "OOOHHH, YEAH!"
    • "Damn, I'm good!"
    • "That must have hurt!"

    Killing a Badass enemy:

    • "Gimme something else to kill!"
    • "Dumbass!"
    • "Beatdown!"
    • "Rrraaaaahhhahahahaha!" (Deep breath) "Yeahh..."
    • "Crushed!"
    • "Smashed!"

    Leveling Up:

    • "Yeah! Bringin' the pain!"
    • "Bringin' the pain!"
    • "Hell, yeah!"


    • "I ain't carrying you!"
    • "Get up!"
    • "Get yo' ass back up!"


    • "You're looking at my fist!"
    • "Yeah! Let's dance!"
    • "You lookin' at my fist?"
    • "You need so'me time to find your teeth?"
    • "What'd you think was gonna happen?"
    • "Never look at my fist, bitch!"
    • "What? Uhh okay..."
    • "You're dead!"
    • "You. Better. RUN!"
    • "Whutever!"
    • "Must be ya Birthday!"
    • "Raaagh! I don't believe it!"

    Upon entering a game:

    • "Brick's here, bitch!"
    • "Lets rock 'n' roll !

    Ammunition Depletion:

    • "Punch time!"
    • "Need Ammo!"
    • "Ammo gone!"
    • "Auugh! Ammo all gone!"

    Spawning a Catch a Ride vehicle:

    • "Drive on, drive on."
    • "Drive on, brutha'."
    • "Drive!"

    Moving the targeting reticle over a green item or better:

    • "For me?"
    • "Ahh...Mine!"
    • "Whoa!"
    • "Ah ha! Mine!"
    • "For me? Seriously?"

    Switching between gunner/driver seat:

    • "Move!"
    • "Switch!"
    • "My Turn!"
    • "Trade with me!"

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