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    Bridget is a yo-yo wielding bounty hunter from the Guilty Gear series, first introduced in X2. She is frequently seen wearing a nun's habit and carrying a weaponized teddy bear named Roger.

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    Prior to the events of the Guilty Gear series, Bridget was born the second of two male twins in a superstitious English village. As the village considered same-sex twins to be a bad omen, Bridget potentially faced exile or death. Therefore, her parents told the rest of the village that Bridget was a girl, and she was raised as such. Along with this, she received the best education her wealthy parents could afford.

    Due to this unusual childhood, Bridget became determined to prove the village's superstitions wrong by becoming a successful bounty hunter and returning to her village as a man. As a result of her efforts, the village's superstition began to wane, leaving Bridget unsure what to do next, taking odd jobs throughout Guilty Gear XX Accent Core.

    Throughout her journey she has maintained her more feminine fashion style and personality, leading opponents to regularly assume she's a girl, only for her to clarify that she's a boy. In Guilty Gear Strive, Bridget's interactions with Goldlewis Dickinson and Ky Kiske suggest she is internally conflicted, expressing uncertainty about the future, herself, and her own happiness, alongside a desire to be stronger. She additionally hesitates when calling herself a boy, leading Goldlewis to question if she really means it. After the duo fight Ky in stage 8, Bridget thanks the two for giving her the resolve to be honest with herself, and tells them that she's a girl.


    Series' creator and character designer Daisuke Ishiwatari has stated that Bridget was originally designed to be a girl from the outset, but that he thought she wouldn't be interesting enough that way.


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