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    Brigid Tenenbaum

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    Dr. Brigid Tenenbaum is a German genetic scientist who helped originally develop ADAM. She is one of the main characters that you come in contact with in Bioshock.

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    The Mother Of ADAM

    Bridgette Tenenbaum is a German genetic scientist who was instrumental in the creation and discovery of ADAM, a chemical responsible for Rapture's eventual downfall. She is also the creator of the Little Sisters, a breed of cloned children who act as the hosts for the Sea Slug that secretes ADAM.

    Tenenbaum's love of science was formed in an unlikely place - a German concentration camp. As a young German Jew in WW2 she was imprisoned in an unnamed camp that was involved with German biological experimentation. One of the German scientists noticed a scientific flair in her and immediately started her training; by age 16 Tenenbaum was a fully qualified doctor and genetic scientist. Even at a young age Tenenbaum was a morally ambiguous person, willing to put people through painful and sometimes cruel experiments even though she knew what she was doing was wrong. This created a sense of self-loathing in her that she would carry all the way to the bottom of the ocean.

    When Tenenbaum came to Rapture as a doctor she met Frank Fontaine, whom she would start a personal relationship with. However everything changed when Fontaine's fishermen found a curious slug in the depths of Rapture that was immediately brought to Tenenbaum. With a little work she was astounded by what this creature was capable of and began distilling the slug's chemical secretion into a vaccine, starting experimentation with the chemical that would be named "ADAM". Tenenbaum's obsession with ADAM turned her into a scientific monster, who with help from the shadowy Fontaine would subject all manner of creatures to horrific experiments in an attempt to commercialize the substance so its genetic enhancement capabilities could be sold to the eager masses. She succeeded, creating both a business empire for her partner Fontaine, and an industry that would turn many of Rapture's elite into splicers (ADAM addicts).

    After a while Tenenbaum became aware that a lot of ADAM was going to waste when members of the public would die. She created creatures known as "Little Sisters" who would act as hosts for the sea slugs and would also be in charge collecting ADAM from the deceased who were now lying in Rapture's streets. When they extracted ADAM from corpses with their ADAM needles they would then drink it and the sea slug attached to their stomach would then digest and produce 400 times more ADAM then usual. They would later be induced to vomit to obtain this ADAM. The creation of these monsters would disgust not only men like Andrew Ryan but also Tenenbaum herself. At first she seen them as merely a scientific necessity but eventually seen them for what they were-- children forced into slavery.
    After 1959 Bridgette Tenenbaum devoted her life to rescuing and freeing Little Sisters of their plight, referring to them as "her children". When the player meets her she has been forced into exile, hiding from her former friend Fontaine.
    Tenenbaum returns in BioShock 2, in which her name is spelled "Brigid". After discovering that someone in Rapture was using her research to create more Little Sisters, she somehow made her way back to Rapture to continue her campaign to save and protect them, this time with the intention of destroying her research once and for all, so that the Little Sister/Big Daddy program could never be resurrected again.

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