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On the Brink of Boring

The Game may be overflowing with ideas and have lots of potential, but like many of it’s online players it has fallen flat on it’s face making that crucial leap to stardom. The game mechanics have nowhere to allow them to elaborate on what can be done, there is not enough levels and there is little to no difference between online and offline from both a story and map perspective.

I personally liked it for the brief period of time I played it, when a match without lag happened to appear. It’s great fun if you have a few friends to play with and the pace keeps things lively enough for you not to get too bogged down with the waiting around that may occur.

Another problem I had is with the need to be a decent level to even appreciate all the classes that are readily available to yo, that and the character customization. Yes there is a good amount of clothes you can wear but the skins and pre-sets don’t allow much creativity and the haircuts sometimes feel like the same style although longer or shorter, much like that of an early GTA where you could choose from multiple styles of corn rows.

The weapons of the game all seem shadowed by the colossus that is the SMG, most maps you can shoot from where you stand to any enemy within a any distance with your SMG and kill them. Do the same with an AR or rifle and it will take you twice the time and double the accuracy. There is also a large chunk of weapon customization missing with respects to add ons and different attachments. It all feels rather tacked on as a last minute attempt to rival that of CoD or even Army of Two:TFD.

That being said if you have the money and feel that you need something to bridge the gap between the plethora of games that have been thrown at us.

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