Act Two releasing April 28th - Also coming to PS4 + Vita

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Announced some time this week, Broken Age is finally finished and it's second and last act will be released on PC on the 28th of April. It will also be released in full on Sony's PS4 and Vita the same day (or the 29th if you live in Europe) and features Cross-Save and Cross-Buy which is nice.

It was one hell of a ride to get to this point after the original Kickstarter finished back in 2012.

I barely remember most of what happened in Act 1 but I feel like I remember enough of it to just jump into Act 2. In fact as I think of it now, barely anything did happen in Act 1.


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nice! i haven't cracked into it yet (bought act 1, was waiting for this to drop), but this is good news.

better late than never, always.

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