Baby Deep Look: Broken Age- The Subversive Ending

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Hey Duders,

Here is the latest Baby Deep Look! My usual Deep Look videos focus in on a cool gameplay mechanic or story element from a game I have played the heck out of, in the hopes that I can share what makes that mechanic so cool. This Baby Deep Look is just as deep as a normal video, but I focus on a mechanic or ability that is so small that the video is much shorter than usual. I aim to keep Baby Deep Looks around 5 minutes long. These videos should be small little observational nuggets that hopefully give you some useful insight into a game's design that you might not have noticed otherwise.

In this Baby Deep Look I break down the very end of Broken Age. I talk about the dual narrative structure of the game and how it creates a very interesting problem for the ending. I also explain how the ending functions as a sort of wrestling match for the role of the true protagonist. Come join me for the exciting ending of this gorgeous game.

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Hey @thatpinguino !

Sorry for the late response, Been super busy with real life responsibilities lately so I'm behind on consuming any content that requires me to think about it a bit.

I'm significantly less enamored with BA than you seem to be (borderline disappointed in Act 2), which I'll go more into on your main BA blog.

I really liked your breakdown here of the end of BA, you saw some deeper meaning in it that I hadn't considered (like who saves whom). I completely agree however that this scene was handled masterfully, especially now that I see what you are seeing. It may be my favorite part of the Second Act.

What I will say is I feel there maybe should have been a couple more scenes after that explore some really major curveballs that game laid out. Or they could have happened before it, it's just they are the kind of dangling plot twists/retcons that for me just made it seem like the characters, well broke character (especially the nature of Shay's relationship with his parents). Just that the game shouldn't have ended without at least addressing them a bit further.

So to me because of that, the ending was unsatisfying.

I'm personally ok with ambiguity and lack of resolution in games if I feel it serves a point (I am one of those wrirdos who liked the end of Enslaved, but in the case of BA the narrative hiccups felt more like an artifact of financial necessity than artistic intent. Impossible to really know of course without being inside DF. I really need to watch the 2player production documentary, I've heard it's fantastic.

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