Broken Age 25% off Steam Coupon (X5)

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#1 Posted by Chris2KLee (2402 posts) -

Like the title says, got 5 coupons for 25% Broken Age on Steam. Good till March 15, 2014. If anyone wants one, gimme your Steam ID and I'll send it over. First come first serve.

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#2 Posted by crithon (3979 posts) -

I got them too, what's up with that?

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#3 Posted by Demoskinos (17457 posts) -

Same here just got a boat load of them.

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#4 Posted by ZolRoyce (1589 posts) -

@crithon: I think people are getting them if they own all of Double Fines games on steam, minus Broken Age that is.

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#5 Edited by deactivated-5a4ea8fdbe490 (401 posts) -


Edit: Thank you.

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#6 Edited by crithon (3979 posts) -

@zolroyce: ahhhh, I handed them out to friends who enjoyed Double Fine games..... not sure I'm getting it yet. So it can wait.

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#7 Posted by SoHereWeAre (44 posts) -

It's looks like some weird bug on their end since people are also getting random games in their inventory too. I somehow got multiple copies of Terraria in my inventory in addition to the Broken Age coupons.

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#8 Edited by reasy262 (2 posts) -

I'll take one if you still have extras. Steam ID: reasy262


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#9 Posted by SecondHeartbeat (46 posts) -

I have six of these if anyone would like one. Lemme know your ID and I'll add you.

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#10 Posted by BBOYS2231 (364 posts) -
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#11 Posted by SecondHeartbeat (46 posts) -

Sent you an invite dude. Will gift it to you when you accept : ]

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#12 Posted by joshwent (2897 posts) -

I've got 4 of these that I'm not gonna use also. Hit me up on Steam if you want one. I'm:


(I think)

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#13 Edited by BBOYS2231 (364 posts) -

@secondheartbeat: Hey man just wanna say another big thanks for this! Much appreciated. Noticed you have Chivalry and Risk of Rain. Should be building a brand new rig in a couple weeks, hit me up if you wanna get a session going.

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#14 Posted by elko84 (1377 posts) -

I'll take one. elko84

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#15 Posted by audioBusting (2558 posts) -

I still have 3 of these coupons too. PM/reply me here or on Steam if the others ran out and you want one.

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#16 Edited by SecondHeartbeat (46 posts) -

@bboys2231: Sure thing, dude. Lemme know when you have your rig set up and we can set something up : ]

Still have 5 coupons left if anyone's interested.

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#17 Posted by anywhereilay (204 posts) -

@secondheartbeat: If there's still some going 'mr_pisschrist' be my steam account. Much obliged friends!

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#18 Posted by SecondHeartbeat (46 posts) -

@anywhereilay: Can't seem to find you, dude. Please can you provide a link to your profile?

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#19 Posted by Kidavenger (4417 posts) -
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#20 Posted by anywhereilay (204 posts) -

@secondheartbeat: - That should be it there. Forgive my crass username, I have a problem.

And thanks, I really appreciate this!

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