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#101 Posted by Bravestar (390 posts) -

@phish09 said:

I just don't get this attitude that people think they are doing something good for the world by "donating" money to this cause when there are people starving and dying all over this planet.

what the fuck are you even talking about?

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#102 Posted by CharlesAlanRatliff (5738 posts) -


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#103 Posted by Legend (2727 posts) -

$100, because I like being in lists of 4,000+ people.

LOL, yeah I wonder what the credits will look like. XD
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#104 Posted by gla55jAw (2780 posts) -

I threw in $2, not a lot, but if a lot of people did that....well, look where they are now.

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#105 Posted by weegieanawrench (1965 posts) -

If I had the cash, $100. Unfortunately, rent took precedence.

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#106 Posted by Tearhead (2470 posts) -

I threw in $15. I think this whole thing is pretty exciting and cool, and I wish I could put in more, but college fees and textbooks kicked my ass this semester.

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#107 Posted by spartan1017 (243 posts) -


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#108 Posted by talax (13 posts) -

$30 for me. I am looking forward to seeing the completed product.

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#109 Posted by Dagbiker (7057 posts) -


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#110 Posted by DJJoeJoe (1431 posts) -

@phish09 said:

Am I the only one that thinks this is ridiculous? If they had an awesome game planned they would have publisher support. Why don't you guys use this money to support indie developers instead? You know, people to whom a $15 donation is going to make a difference, or better yet Unicef or the Red Cross. Double Fine aren't starving, certainly Tim Schaeffer isn't anyway. If they were passionate about making a new adventure game the money they made off Once Upon a Monster alone could fund it. These type of games really don't require that much of an investment. What's next? Are you guys going to start helping Activision fund Call of Duty development?

We don't live in a world where 'good games always get made'. Publishers are looking for games that have appeal, which makes a ton of sense cause those games make the money they are looking for. Double Fine IS Indie as far as the gaming industry is concerned, they've been doing ok lately but still not really excelling enough compared to their talent and unique ideas. I didn't donate to them cause I have like NO fucking money, but I donated with my heart and I don't feel bad that I'd have given money if I had it. If you truly think it's sickning that people try and help things they are interested in and not the things you think they should back then move somewhere where you're life will mean something and help those starving kids yourself, make a video blog about it so we can see and open your effort up to donations so we can help fund your efforts for supplies or whatever you deem needed.

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#111 Posted by Catlicker (583 posts) -

15€, because I don't have much. But I feel I owe Tim Schaffer a lot. My first PC games, for instance.

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#112 Posted by Drumminjay108 (104 posts) -

$100 for me

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#113 Posted by Djstyles92 (968 posts) -

$15 because I got DFHAT for free and because I love double fine

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