How many different Cereals are there?

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Has anyone just sat and said "no" to everything? How long before loops back around?

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That question popped in my mind as well while watching previews. I almost hope there would be option to not to eat cereal, but that wouldn't fit the theme of forcefully nurturing AI mom.

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  1. Choco Rockets
  2. Cinna Moons
  3. Honey Holo-Grahams
  4. Nebulumps
  5. Soylent Dreams
  6. Crispy Bunches O' Space
  7. Bran Blasters
  8. Strawberry Comet Trails
  9. Wholegrain Nutrient Paste - Extra Chewy
  10. Mutant Munch
  11. Galactic Slime

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#4 Posted by HarlechQuinn (456 posts) -

Soylent Dreams is Maidens!

...Sorry, couldn't resist!

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They're pretty good. Also for the love of god, don't pick up the spoon.

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@bisonhero said:

They're pretty good. Also for the love of god, don't pick up the spoon.

I like when you try to combine the Spoon and the Knife. :)

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