One Eyed God question [Spoiler]

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#1 Posted by MaxOpower (284 posts) -

Did anybody else think that the balding space guy (The one eyed god), was Shay. I played Vellas part first, and thought that was how the stories would interplay. That the ship would crash in Shays part, and that you would see Vellas world as it looked 500 years earlier, but controlling Shay. I don't know if I missed the balding guys name, just jumped to conclusion, or let to believe it intentional, but that was how I understood it up until the last moment of the first part.

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I thought the same at first but after finishing both sections of part 1 I'm going with the one eyed god and shay being clones with the collected girls being put in the same kind of stasis as OED to be used as a colony seed or something like that.

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#3 Posted by LackingSaint (2185 posts) -

Yeah, I thought the same until Vella randomly started calling him Alex at the end despite him never giving his name.

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