What part of the DF Kickstarter did you like better?

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Poll: What part of the DF Kickstarter did you like better? (35 votes)

Broken Age 6%
The documentary about the making of Broken Age 94%

I find myself falling in the Vinny camp of "Broken Age is good, but not great." I actually liked most of the puzzles, but the followthrough on the story and character arcs leaves something to be desired.

On the other hand, I think the documentary is pretty phenomenal, and provides some interesting insight into the challenges of trying to run a medium-ish developer that isn't publisher-owned and tries to self-fund where it can.

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#1 Posted by StarvingGamer (11518 posts) -

Definitely the doc, not because Broken Age isn't great, but because there is literally nothing like the DFA doc out there. It's been amazing having that level of access to the development process.

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#2 Edited by Fear_the_Booboo (1083 posts) -

I have some major issues with Broken Age as a whole, but I still loved the game.

The reason why is how it treats most of the second characters. While all those on the spaceship fell flat, I liked how it treats the individual ark of each character on earth. The two act structure makes all characters have a before and an after. If the story of the game is not great as a whole I think the individual arks of most of the secondary character is extremely well handled. Thus I really loved the game.

The documentary itself was interesting, but I wasn't the biggest fan of. I liked it.

So my answer is the game.

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#3 Posted by csl316 (14968 posts) -

I still haven't even played Act 2, although the first was pretty cool. So the documentary wins out for me.

It was certainly interesting in a lot of ways, but my biggest takeaway is the horrid project management skills on display. I know managing creatives is challenging, but I was amazed with how they seemed to miss every milestone. Lots of meetings that seemed to accomplish very little (with Greg Rice's stressed phoney smile appearing in almost every episode). Crappy scheduling, poor allocation of resources, and immense pressure on the team.

Look, I like Double Fine and their games, but I lost some respect over the course of this thing for Tim. But then I gained a lot of respect for the studio because the members of the team dug in and pulled it off. They really care and put everything they have into this project.

I'm glad the game's done and came out well. And I'm glad the documentary was as transparent as it was. So Broken Age is a super cool thing all around.

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#4 Posted by triplestan (259 posts) -

I actually really enjoyed what I've played of the game (though I've only played Act 1, so take that as you will).

The documentary was on a whole other level though. In terms of in-depth looks at real ass game development, it was nothing short of amazing.

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#5 Posted by FinalDasa (3207 posts) -

I didn't back the kickstarter but the 5 or 6 videos I watched on Youtube are fascinating. I never had a real idea of the scope of work that goes into even a relatively small video game but man, that's a lot of stuff to have to do.

Can you imagine the scope and work load on something AAA? And then imagine trying to produce a game that size. Seems impossible.

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#6 Edited by Avanzato (162 posts) -

I didn't like the finished game but the videos are a fascinating view of why it ended up that way.

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#7 Posted by Baillie (4711 posts) -

I backed the Kickstarter for the documentary, not the game.

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#8 Edited by dudeglove (13751 posts) -

I think 2 Player Productions did a phenomenal job creating all those videos. The Amnesia Fortnight series of videos were standalone excellent, and just plain fun to watch. It helps that Schafer et al are charismatic on camera, but it's such a niche thing to create that I doubt it could be replicated.

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#9 Edited by ThunderSlash (2605 posts) -

I like the game, but the documentary was on another level. Aren't 2 Player Productions doing another one for the Mighty Number 9 folks?

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