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    Broken Helix

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released May 31, 1997

    In Broken Helix you join a team of marines sent into Area 51 to diffuse a pair of bombs, but that is only the beginning. Wrapped in mystery and intrigue your mission spans 4 separate plot lines to be followed at your discretion with 4 possible endings!

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    In Broken Helix you take control of a bomb expert in part of a marine task force sent in to area 51 to diffuse a pair of bombs set to detonate in 20 minutes.  Not all is at it seems though and your compatriots have a hidden agenda.  Playing as a third person shooter, the events in Broken Helix happen in real time.  The player is given free will and can choose to follow orders, betray their own team and few other surprises not to be spoiled here.  Manipulate computers and cameras and enjoy numerous dialogues with characters which are made all the better by the main character being voiced by actor Bruce Campbell of Evil Dead fame.

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