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Aside from being a merchant in Oggok, Brokk plays a small role in the epic weapon quest for enchanters. It was Brokk that trampled Bozlum's flower garden, which makes finding a certain rare flower that much harder for any enchanter looking to complete this part of their quest. Don't be too hard on him though. He did it unknowingly, and he's actually a nice guy, for an ogre.




  • Clurg
  • Merchants of Ogguk
  • Oggok Guards

Related Quests

Items Sold

  • Absinthe Glass
  • Absinthe Spoon
  • Backpack
  • Belt Pouch
  • Black Ceremonial Coffin
  • Bottle
  • Cask
  • The Drink of Timeless Energy
  • Large Bag
  • Large Box
  • Nectar of the Green Fairy
  • Purse
  • Quiver
  • Small Bag
  • Small Box
  • Wrist Pouch

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