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    A simple farmer in Crimea who abhors fighting unless absolutely required. Father of Meg, friend of Nephenee, and hails from the town of Ohma.

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    Brom and Nephenee join Elincia's cause
    Brom and Nephenee join Elincia's cause

    In Path of Radiance, Brom is first seen sharing a Daein prison cell with Kieran. The Crimean Royal Knight will declare that he will reveal nothing to his torturers while Brom panics at the thought of it. Ike and his company then rescue the two and Nephenee. Brom and Nephenee are only common country militia to defend their hometown, but join Ike's group to fight for Crimea. After King Ashnard is slain and Crimea is liberated from Daein control, he and Nephenee go back to their village in Ohma. Brom and Nephenee both grew up in the same territory in Crimea.

    In Radiant Dawn, Brom and Nephenee are confronted with folks rebelling against Queen Elincia's rule. They stop the rebels and head out to meet the Queen where they fight with her against Ludveck. After Ludveck is defeated at Fort Alpea, Brom joins Ike's army with the Laguz Alliance against Begnion and then, Micaiah's group with the Daein army.


    "Look here. My name's Brom. I'm just simple country militiaman from Crimea. Now, I don't know much about nobles and stuff. Kings and queens don't matter much when you're workin' the fields. 'Course, I know I'll be in trouble if someone takes my fields away from me, so that's why I joined the militia!"

    -- Brom after saving him from prison and if Nephenee dies.

    Brom is a kind man who helps his comrades by telling them to be confident as demonstrated in his support conversations with Boyd and Nephenee. Also shown in his support conversations, he is protective of his family members and makes it a point that family is a very important thing. Like most people in the countryside, Brom fights for peace and has no love for violence. His strong suit does not involve politics, but he knows when something's wrong. In addition to his big heart, he is very playful, as seen when he teases Nephenee about finding a nice man to bring back to Ohma. In Zihark's case, he pushes him to marry one of his daughters and displays an assertive part of his personality. He is also fairly sensitive about being insulted whether it's accidental or not.


    Path of Radiance

    Brom can have supports with Boyd, Nephenee, and Zihark. It has been suggested that it was planned for Brom to have supports with Geoffrey (Brom is a country militiaman, and Geoffrey is Crimean knight. The contrast would be interesting) and Makalov (Brom is patient and hard-working. Makalov is lazy. Another interesting contrast). These supports were cut out for whatever reason.


    In their C support, Brom comments on how Boyd can fight so well despite his young age. Boyd in turn comments on how fat the older man is. Instead of being offended, the knight fears that he will be burden due to his massive size slowing him down and starts to cry. Boyd tells him not to do that and offers to assist Brom in training ("I'll whip you into shape in no time!"). In their B support, Boyd encourages the knight to train harder. During the session, Brom shares his experiences in farming, and Boyd comments on how being a farmer is the opposite of being a mercenary because a farmer provides food and life while a mercenary kills people and breaks things. Brom then reassures Boyd that he is fighting to protect his loved ones, and there is nothing wrong with that. In their A support, Brom makes great progress in his training with Boyd, and when Boyd remarks that Brom can be a royal guard, the countryman states that he is giving up fighting and going back to his farm. Boyd asks Brom how farmers like him view mercenaries. Brom reassures Boyd that people are quick to judge, but he respects Boyd. Hearing that makes Boyd feel more confident, and the young axe user declares that they'll train even harder, much to Brom's dismay.


    In their C support, Brom will complement the weather, and Nephenee agrees on how nice it is. This prompts him to wonder how her family is doing since the harvest season is approaching. Nephenee then reveals that she has five younger siblings. Brom is surprised at how her mother manages to keep them all in line while Nephenee is sure that both their families are doing okay. In their B support, Brom and Nephenee share their recent experiences in the army compared to the Crimean army while getting lost to the barracks. Compared to the army they're enlisted in now, they used to have improper training and poor equipment since the war broke out so suddenly. Brom and Nephenee then give up on wandering and decide to ask someone where the barracks are, but Nephenee wants Brom to be the one who asks because she's a country girl. In their A support, Brom asks Nephenee why she refuses to talk much. She is afraid she'll be made fun of because of her accent, but he thinks everyone in the army is too nice to do that to her. He then asks her to smile more because she does that whenever they talk. He comments that she has a beautiful smile and teases her about finding a nice man to bring back to town.


    For Zihark's support conversation with Brom, check Zihark's article under the header "Supports." It is the paragraph after Ilyana's support conversation details. Brom reveals that he has five sons and three daughters in this conversation.

    Radiant Dawn

    The support system is more generalized where all playable characters can form supports with anyone. Most of the time, conversations between the characters are generic. In his C support, he will the unit to keep their limbs unchopped. In his B support, he will ask if the unit wants to try teaming up. In the A support, he says that he cries at the thought of the unit dying and pleads them to stay alive.

    As it turns out, there is some unused content on the support system for Radiant Dawn. If Brom were to have a support with certain characters, then he would have a full-length support conversation in the A support conversation only. Of course, the full-length support conversation for the A support was cut out. This may be due to Ike and Micaiah having an immense amount of potential A support conversations...and either of them alone would be too many.

    The characters that were planned to have the special support conversation with (and the possible reasons) were:

    • Boyd, Zihark, and Nephenee (his supports in Path of Radiance)
    • Meg (his daughter)
    • Elincia (helps Nephenee put down a rebellion against her)
    • Heather (she helps put down a rebellion against Elincia)
    • Janaff (Janaff is easily mistaken to be a child. Brom, being a family man, might feel the need to protect a kid)

    Unit Data

    In Path of Radiance, Brom is recruited in chapter 11. He starts off as a knight. Compared to Radiant Dawn, he starts off as an axe general where he can use both axes and swords. When he is promoted to marshall, he is able to use lances and gains access to a skill called Luna. Luna allows Brom to negate the enemy's defense while multiplying his strength by three. In both games, his military affiliation is with Crimea.

    Base Stats

    Path of RadianceRadiant Dawn
    • Affinity: Water
    • HP: 28
    • Strength: 10
    • Magic: 1
    • Skill: 9
    • Speed: 7
    • Luck: 4
    • Defense: 13
    • Resistance: 2
    • Constitution/Build: 13
    • Weight: 17
    • Movement: 5
    • Weapon Grade: Lance - D
    • Affinity: Unchanged (Water)
    • HP: 36
    • Strength: 19
    • Magic: 4
    • Skill: 17
    • Speed: 16
    • Luck: 13
    • Defense: 21
    • Resistance: 9
    • Constitution/Build: 11
    • Weight: 21
    • Movement: 6
    • Weapon Grade: Swords - E, Axe - C

    Growth Rates

    Path of RadianceRadiant Dawn
    • Health: 75%
    • Strength: 45%
    • Magic: 10%
    • Skill: 50%
    • Speed: 25%
    • Luck: 20%
    • Defense: 55%
    • Resistance: 25%
    • Health: 80%
    • Strength: 40%
    • Magic: 5%
    • Skill: 40%
    • Speed: 30%
    • Luck: 70%
    • Defense: 60%
    • Resistance: 25%


    Brom has one ending in Radiant Dawn's epilogue. It is as follows:

    Rural Juggernaut - Brom

    Returning to his family in Ohma, Brom farmed for the rest of his peaceful life. He never lifted a weapon again.


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