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    Broodmothers are grotesque mutations of women infected with the darkspawn taint in the Dragon Age universe. Broodmothers can produce thousands of darkspawn over a course of a lifetime.

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    Females of sentient species are taken captive whenever possible by the Darkspawn and tainted repeatedly with their "spew." Apparently in as short as nine days this can turn a human, qunari, elvish or dwarvish female into a darkspawn ally of some sort, an ally that focuses on the consumption of their former peers (or any other passers by) to accelerate their transformation into a Broodmother. Broodmothers are the leadership of the Darkspawn whenever a blight is not in session. The originating species determines the type of darkspawn that is birthed. Qunari Broodmothers lay Ogres, Elves lay Shrieks, Humans Genlocks and Dwarves Hurlocks.

    Hespith, the companion of the Paragon Branka and likely Broodmother herself told the tale of her companion Laryn becoming the Broodmother seen in Dragon Age: Origins:

    "First day; they come and catch everyone.

    Second day; they beat us and eat some for meat.

    Third day; the men are all gnawed on again.

    Fourth day; we wait and fear for our fate.

    Fifth day; they return and it's another girl's turn.

    Sixth day; her screams we hear in our dreams.

    Seventh day; she grew as in her mouth they spew.

    Eighth day; we hated as she is violated.

    Ninth day; she grins and devours her kin.

    Now she does feast, as she's become the beast."

    Dragon Age: Origins

    The Warden encounters a Broodmother in the Deep Roads. The Broodmother attacks with tentacles and attempts to catch a party member and vomit copiously upon them. Dealing with the tentacles first allows the party to freely strike at the Broodmother undefended.


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