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War has been remade for the love of the Wii.

Even though its called Brothers in Arms Double Time, the two games believe it or not is actually the titles from the Xbox, PC and PS2 titles, Road to Hill 30 and Earned in Blood to put it in order. It will be tough to review the two so I'll try my best to keep it as simple as I can.

I'll start with the story. Road to Hill 30 is about sergeant Baker experiencing as a squad leader and has to take eight days to get to where the war is in France. Earned in Blood has sergeant Hartsock as a new squad leader that has to make a right decision trying to keep his troops alive in the same location. What's unique between the two is simple you get to see the same story in two different angles. Much like Seinfeld in which you get to pick up details in where two supposedly meet up. Anyway its a really good story unlike other games which focuses primarily on you being the hero.

The gameplay if you remember is simply a remade version of the squad based terrorist games also made from Ubisoft is Rainbow Six 3 and the sequel Rainbow Six Lockdown. The difference is how easy you can decide to put your squad to good use. You can go head on or you can distract them so you can get a better shot. I also felt the story is well paced to allow some breather in between the levels so its a plus. But the AI can be problematic even in easy difficulty that the only solution is to allow your squad to get ahead of you to save you from peril.

The graphics although not remarkable is pretty much well cleaned from the PS2 with the addition of PAL60 and hopefully progressive scanning but the best thing is that unlike the PS3 and Xbox360 Hell's Highway in which there's eyes are fuzzy and blurry, the faces in these games is nicely made during the time when its made. However, it can be a little drab and can sometimes have framerate slowdowns in some spots.

The sound is excellent in both games. The voice acting may sound good but not as remarkable as Everything or Nothing in which they have an all star cast. The sounds of guns is well authenticated from Hell's Highway in which your weapons are satisfying great to listen to. The music as always is well orchestrated and would've been worth it because really, we're not watching a documentary but highlights a gunfight. Its also felt that the audio quality is low quality but because of the limitations on the Wii its not as helpful as it also happened to Star Wars Unleashed. The only thing that saves its low quality is that its also worth listening to it in Dolby Pro Logic 2 support if you own a surround sound system.

Even though the PS2, Xbox and PC might have mulitplayer but with the Wii, it doesn't. It's always problematic since Call of Duty in which you only have the most fun playing through a single player campaign at the time the Gamecube isnt' available online. Medal of Honors has multiplayer but games like Perfect Dark on N64 is better in which you get to take on army of bots for your own entertainment. Anyway, even though these two games don't have multiplayer, the singly player campaigns at both ends with the extras and credits and cheats, mitigate more than you bargain for.

You shouldn't take for granted that every game should be a multiplayer game. Even though the translation of the two early games may bring back memories, its worth enjoying considering a mystery in how they update these two games. If only the graphics and sound has been pushed more further it would've been a worthy choice. I'd say if you're into single player campaigns on the Wii, you get two for the price of one along the mediocre Medal of Honor Vanguard and the great success of Medal of Honor Heroes 2. For those two games, you should add it to your collection.

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