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A great and immersive experience.

I remember I played the first Brothers in Arms when it came out, I played it, liked it, but the game never got me that interested to make it to the end. Hell's Highway was a different experience. With the new generation potential, the Ubisoft team tried hard and delivered an immerse World War 2 experience. Yes, more World War 2, but you know what? From the moment I got into the game I could not care if I had a super-mega-lasers gun or a Thompson, the game is simply good. You can see the game as a quality production, it was not rushed or anything, you can really feel that the team achieved what they wanted.

Now talking about the game aspects.
 The graphics are technically  very nice, all new generation, I think it uses the Unreal engine (  I could be wrong here though ). As from the graphics viewed from an artistic perspective, they are amazing. The use of light is amazing, the mood of some of the intenser levels is great. The characters animations are pretty good as well, transmitting well their emotions ( the game can be a little cheesy at some points though ). The whole game also has a great cinematic feeling to it, specially the cutscenes (these might be a bit to long for some impatient players), but even the gameplay will sometimes feel like a movie piece.

 The story is pretty good in my opinion, specially for a world war 2 game, where there is usually no "story" evolving the characters, there is only the actual historical story. Here you are going to discover some nasty things about your character and your squad on a plot with some mystery and suspense, and the nice thing is that the gameplay flows really well alongside with it, you not only discover the story on the cut scenes, you will play levels where you actually are taking part on it. However it was a bit confusing for me at times, but I did a little research and that is because some elements of this story are based on the other games of the series, which I only played the first and a long time ago.

The sound is also very very nice, the sound of the guns is great, the explosions as well, the voice acting is very solid. The soundtrack is pretty epic, à la Saving Private Ryan.

 The gameplay is another strong point in this game, it uses a cover system, in which you can take cover pretty much anywhere. You are also able to give orders to your squad, like doing some suppressing fire on the enemy's so that you can move to a better position without getting shot. The thing about controlling your squads is that it is your responsibility to keep them alive, if you tell them to go to an open area and they get shot that's it. They die, you cry, and the level difficulty immediately raises up because your squads are pretty helpful, although I must admit, they are not indispensable. Oh...and on some levels you also control tanks, which feels good and overpowered! But even better then controlling tanks, are the levels in which you need to destroy them, if you are not a coward and a true soldier you won't use stupid things like bazookas, you will confront the tank and put a sticky bomb in his face!

The game obviously has some weaker points. The cover system is weird at times, even though the enemy has an excellent angle to shot at you, if you are on cover the shots will simply miss.
The level design although it is artistically great it might be to linear, which can make the game a bit repetitive at some times.
The friendly AI although is much better then some other games, and usually does what you want, can be a little glitchy at times, like simply not firing at the enemy or things like that - but this rarely happens.
Music could pop up more often during gameplay.

If you are a fan of first person shooters, you like a little tactic evolved, a good story and immersive gameplay, then you can skip the fact that this is World War 2 (again) and just go get this game.

Take care,

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