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    Brothers in Arms

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    A World War II squad-based first person shooter series loosely based on a true story.

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    The main character from the series, Matt Baker, as in
    The main character from the series, Matt Baker, as in "Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway"

    The Brothers in Arms games are a series of squad-based first person shooter games loosely based on true events that occurred during World War II. The main focus of the gameplay centers around leading up to three different squads with one usually being a fire team used to suppress the enemy and the other bring an assault team used to flank the enemy. The series is known for its authenticity; a small amount of well placed firepower can go a long way in eliminating either the player or enemies.

    Traditionally, World War II games had put players in the feet of seemingly indestructible super soldiers capable of killing entire armies singlehandedly. In the Brothers in Arms series, this is not the case as individual characters are comparatively fragile. The player must use their squad effectively to exploit weaknesses in the enemies' defense to flank them and then destroy them. At various points throughout the series, the player will also gain control of new units, such as tanks, mortars, bazooka squads and machine gunners.


    A major feature of the series is its focus on storytelling. In stark contrast to games such as Call of Duty 2 and Medal of Honor: Allied Assault and similar to Call of Duty 2: Big Red One, there's a strong emphasis on the individual members of the squad and how the events within the game affect each person. The deepened development of the interpersonal relationships within the squad serve to heighten the level of drama, tension and individual responsibility in every one of the player's actions. 

    Departure from Realism

     Brothers In Arms: Furious 4
     Brothers In Arms: Furious 4
    At E3 2011, during Ubisoft's press conference, Randy Pitchford came on stage. He started by saying that the development team was tasked with approaching World War II from a different angle, since the realistic shooters set during the time period had already been done. What they came up with is Brothers In Arms: Furious 4, a game with a much less serious tone that focuses on four crazy soldiers who are out to destroy Nazis.

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